“Family Bash” a caustic visual novel available on iOS and Android

 “Family Bash” a caustic visual novel available on iOS and Android on April 27 (Test codes available)

The latest game from ARTE, Atomic Raccoon and Kilosaurus explores the twists and turns of family relationships, in a visual novel with sharp humor.

Atomic Raccoon and Kilosaurus – co-producers – and ARTE France – co-producer and publisher – are proud to announce Family Bash, a biting and sarcastic game, available on April 27th on iOS and Android.

Family Bash puts the player in the shoes of a young adult trapped in a nightmarish family reunion, and asked to investigate his grandfather’s will.

After an exhausting train ride, the player is introduced to the community hall of a small village in Normandy. Between drunken remarks and shameful secrets, the image of the ideal family does not come out unscathed.

Underneath the façade of familial love lies the greed of old-fashioned, spiteful aunts and uncles obsessed with their grandfather’s money.

Inspired by transgressive Scandinavian movies (Festen) and lighter French comedy, Family Bash depicts a harsh but tender picture of the traditional family.

In this visual novel, midway between a graphic novel and a video game, the player influences the atmosphere of the party through their choices: be provocative with uncle Patrick or keep a low profile? Use the cousin as a tool? Give in to the father’s emotional blackmail?

Illustrated by Geoffroy Monde and accompanied by a powerful trap soundtrack produced by Luis and Rafael Torres, Family Bash questions with affection our relationship to family compromise.

Produced by Atomic Raccoon and Kilosaurus, edited and co-produced by ARTE FRANCE, European TV and digital cultural channel.

Under the artistic direction of Geoffroy monde, with music produced by Rafael and Luis Torres and animated by La Mécanique du Plastique

Production co-financed by CNC FAJV, Région Ile de France, and Auvergne Rhône Alpes Cinéma .

More information on the dedicated Discord server.


Founded in 1992, ARTE is a European public cultural television channel and digital network focusing on creation and innovation. Over the past ten years, ARTE has co-produced a number of interactive games such as Inua, Unmaze, Homo Machina, Vandals, Type:Rider, The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature, Vectronom and How to Say Goodbye. More information on the official website and the Twitter page of Arte Interactif

About Atomic Raccoon

Atomic Raccoon has been founded in 2016 to create bold and provocative games, and design games differently. 49-3 is their first game for mobile, a satirical text based game about the French labor law riots. The game was positively received both by critics and the public. 3 years later, the studio released Stay Safe #RaceDieRun for Nintendo Switch, a puzzle racer played by more than 150 000 people. Today, Atomic Raccoon studio works with an artists collective on Family Bash, a game that tells the story of a family reunion where everything goes wrong.

About Kilosaurus

Kilosaurus is a Marseille based development studio co-created in 2016 by Lucas Curci and Bastien Stefani. The core business of Kilosaurus is to solve technical problems related to digital creation, between code and creation

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