Director of “Cinderella 3D” Revealed its Production Process in the Interview Video

The world’s first 3D animated film of Cinderella – “Cinderella 3D” today exposed the video of interview with the director Lynne Southerland. In the video, the director shared the original intention and creation process of the film. It is reported that the film will be released globally on October 1.

Deeply Exploring the Animation Industry, the Director Looks for Creative Inspiration from his Emotional Experience.

The director Lynne Southerland began his career in the animation industry in 1991. He has created classics such as Disney’s MulanⅡand won the Annie Award (Oscar in the animation industry). As a new masterpiece of Lynne Southerland, “Cinderella 3D” is based on the director’s own emotional experience and breaks away from the traditional plot patterns, presenting a new Cinderella to the audience.

Talking of the main plot line of “Cinderella 3D”, the director said, “The romance in the film does not happen on the traditional “princess” and “prince”, but between two friends, one of whom is turned into a mouse.” The director revealed that such a story setting suggested “A glamorous Prince does not necessarily understand you as a friend does”. He also drew inspiration from his own emotional experience, “I feel that friendship lays a solid foundation for a romantic relationship.”

Combining Various Elements, the Director is Dedicated to Creating a Family Animation

In order to meet the needs of audiences of all ages, the director added adventures, romances and a lot of comic elements to the film, deepening its connotations and making it a family movie that combines education with entertainment. In addition, in order to guide the audience through the whole story and immerse them into the plot line, the ingenuous soundtrack and comedic elements become a highlight of the film, driving the ups and downs in the development of the plot line.

As a classic fairy tale IP, Cinderella’s story is spread in many forms. Most works tell the story of a miserable Cinderella acquiring happiness eventually while in “Cinderella 3D”, the prince becomes the one waiting to be saved. A large number of ingenious story settings, and the confusing plot line add to the audience’s expectations and curiosity about the film.

On October 1st, the film “Cinderella 3D” will be screened nationwide.

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