Explains how research and game development are linked

Henrik Engström, professor of informatics at the University of Skövde, Sweden, recently published the book Game Development Research. In this book, he compiles and describes research on game development “in the wild”, that is, at gaming companies.

“The book summarizes much of what I have discovered during my 20 years as a researcher focusing on game development.”

Much game-related research focus on games and players, but not on how games come about. There is also a lot of research on how games can be used for other than entertainment. The studies of game development that exist, are spread across different areas with different focus.

“In my book, I have therefore tried to give a holistic understanding of how research and game development are linked. Sweden Game Arena is a unique environment that includes both mature game companies, startups, academic game educations, and research. My department in Skövde has researchers with a background in arts, humanities, social science and technology. I do not think I would have got this broad perspective if I had worked at, for example, at a traditional computer science department.”

To be used as course literature

The target group is primarily students who study academic courses focused on game development.

“I will use it in our master’s program in game development, which started last fall. I also hope that it can be used in our bachelor’s programs.”

Academic education should be based on research. But Henrik Engström believes that the gap between research and practice has made it difficult for students to navigate between different research areas and see how research results can be used in game development.

“Various projects that I have participated in during my 20 years in the business have given me a good insight into game development research. Since I have not found anyone else summarizing the research available, I decided to do it myself which resulted in this book.”

Game Development Research is available for download and Henrik Engström hopes that it will be used by game students outside Skövde and Sweden.

Sweden Game Arena is Sweden’s largest cluster for start-ups, established companies and the rest of the games industry. Through targeted community events and visibility in the global gaming industry, Sweden Game Arena creates the opportunity for individuals and companies to evolve. Together with the University of Skövde, which has one of Europe’s largest computer game education programs, the industry is expanding through competence and research.

Sweden Game Arena annually organizes the Sweden Game Conference which brings together thousands of people in the industry to take part in current talks, panels and participate in workshops.

Sweden Game Arena is funded by Science Park Skövde, University of Skövde, Skövde Municipality and Region Västra Götaland.


Source: Sweden Game Arena

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