Egosoft unveils X4

  Egosoft unveils X4: Timelines expansion and major 7.00 update to X4: Foundations

Embark on an unprecedented space odyssey with X4: Timelines, the latest addition to the X4 universe.

With a thrilling new storyline which takes place outside of the X4 sandbox, prepare yourself for colossal challenges and unexpected excursions into the depths of the X series lore and history.

The extensive new, free 7.00 update will elevate your space experience in X4 with a host of enhancements and new features.

We at Egosoft are excited to unveil the upcoming major 7.00 update and our new expansion, X4: Timelines, for our space simulation game X4: Foundations, which just recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. Your support over the years has enabled us to keep working on X4, improving it and creating a game that is very special to us, as it is to many of you. Thank you, to all our players, all the content creators, all the modders, and of course to everybody who has worked on the game over the years.

Our previous four expansions have enlarged the X4 sandbox universe and drawn your interest with new factions, ships and storylines. Today we would like to give you a first look at our next, somewhat unusual, expansion for X4.

X4: Timelines – A Revolutionary Expansion

Please check out our first announcement video for X4: Timelines. In this video we not only show you some of the new content, but Egosoft founder Bernd Lehahn also explains what the new structure and the slightly different gameplay loop of X4: Timelines is all about.

X4: Timelines – Reveal Teaser

Embark on an unprecedented space odyssey with X4: Timelines, the latest addition to the X4 universe. Using novel ways to introduce new players to X4’s core gameplay mechanics, X4: Timelines will also delight long-serving space adventurers. With a thrilling new storyline which takes place outside of the X4 sandbox, prepare yourself for colossal challenges and unexpected excursions into the depths of the X series lore and history. X4: Timelines is your gateway to uncharted territories and untold stories. Select ‘Timelines’ from the main menu of X4: Foundations and set forth on an adventure that transcends time and space. Along the way, you can unlock various bonuses for your X4 sandbox universe.


In an all-new mysterious storyline, you’ll take on the role of Harper Donel, a trader in the border territories, who is not averse to risky deals. A fateful encounter not only changes your short-term plans, but shakes the foundations of your understanding of the universe, and everyone in it. Prepare to be immersed in a tale of intrigue and revelation.


Embedded in the new X4: Timelines storyline, you’ll find a wide range of scenarios in which you will experience the many different aspects of X4 gameplay. Playing these scenarios will also unlock new missions within the X4: Timelines storyline, and bonuses for your wider X4 sandbox universe – among them reimagined, classic ships from X universe history.

X4: Timelines is more than just an expansion; it’s a revolution in the X4 universe. Whether you’re a seasoned space explorer or a newcomer to the galaxy, this thrilling new chapter promises to captivate you with its blend of mystery, adventure, and strategic gameplay.

While the next expansion is strikingly different from its predecessors, one thing remains the same: a substantial free update for X4: Foundations will be released at the same time as the expansion. Update 7.00 will be huge, and the changelog is likely to break our own records once again… In spring 2024, we will be able to go into more detail about 7.00 and, of course, give you access to the public beta for it, as you have come to expect from us.

Update 7.00 – Elevating Your Space Experience

The free 7.00 update will bring a host of enhancements and new features to X4: Foundations:

Reimagined Teladi and Argon Capital Ships: Marvel at the overhauled designs of these iconic vessels, adding more depth and intrigue to your space encounters.

New sectors and landmarks: Explore fresh, uncharted regions in the X4 universe, expanding your horizons and opportunities.

New Xenon Ships: Experience new ships from the X universe main antagonists in a way that will surprise even veteran X4 pilots.

External Camera (F2) Overhaul: Experience a fundamentally improved and more intuitive external camera system.

Existential Crisis: A new endgame challenge for veterans. Face off against a faction that goes all-out against you. This intense confrontation can be opted out of, for those seeking a more peaceful journey.

Continuous Engine Improvements: Enjoy smoother, more stable gameplay with ongoing refinements to the game’s engine.

Enhanced Button Remapping: Tailor your controls with more flexibility than ever before.

X4: Timelines and the 7.00 update will take you on an unforgettable journey through space and time. Prepare to embark on this exciting new voyage in 2024. Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to redefine your X4 experience!

The development of X4: Timelines is being supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action with state funding as part of the federal government’s computer games funding program with an amount of 799,698 Euro.

About the X series games

X series games are space simulations, played as action games from a first-person perspective in a living breathing universe, with TRADE FIGHT BUILD THINK as the common tag-line. The X series games are unique in their depth, simulating an entire universe of NPC ships and stations, forming a realistic economy. Each game consists of a huge universe, simulated from the bottom up. Hundreds of stations, and thousands of ships, trade goods among themselves. Prices change based on supply and demand; resources are mined and processed in several stages. This economy is linked directly to the simulation of major conflicts in a universe with dynamically-acting factions. Every player decision can dramatically change the future of the game universe.


EGOSOFT, founded in 1988, is one of Germany’s leading game developers. Its team of industry veterans and dedicated game enthusiasts entered the international stage with the widely-acclaimed X-Beyond the Frontier space simulation game in 1999. EGOSOFT is now exclusively dedicated to setting new standards in the space game genre and continuing to improve the gameplay experience for fans of the X Universe. For more information on EGOSOFT and its products visit

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