On October 4th, Eating Cars will be available to stream on Amazon Video for both rental and purchase in the United States and the United Kingdom. Eating Cars will then debut on the big screen on October 6th for a one night only showing at the Neon, the director’s home theatre in Dayton, Ohio as a benefit for the Wright State University Motion Picture Department.

Winner of Best Director, Best Film and Best Performance for star Lexi Pappas at it’s first festival, LA ROCKS, Eating Cars has also gone on to win Best Feature from the Florence Film Awards in Italy.

Originally titled, Brotherly Love AKA I’m An Asshole, and written with a mostly male cast in mind, the team began to realize that the actresses auditioning were more hungry for these male roles than anyone else auditioning.  So, they decided to let the casting process dictate where the film would take them.


And it took the cast and crew into some amazing and unique circumstances, which is very present in the completed film of the now titled, Eating Cars.

ALSO STARRING: Maisie Klompus (Good Trouble),  Willow Hale (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) Walker Haynes (Hawaii 5-0), Scott Monahan (Anchorage) and Lauren Ashley Carter (Jug Face)

Distribution Agent: Mis En Scene Company


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