2023 Netease Games 520 online conference

NetEase Games officially announced that it will hold the “2023 NetEase Games 520 Online Conference” at 19:30 on May 20, which will bring the annual preview of new games.  According to official news, in 2023 NetEase Games will bring more than ten new games and more than 30 IP/games to meet with everyone.

These include: “Racing Master”, “The Legend of The Condor Heroes”, “Nine Cities: Journey of Qifeng”, “Mission Zero”, “RAID: Shadow Legends”, as well as “Hoop Heroes”, which is a sports game based on street basketball; “Badlanders”, which is a survival shooting game of the new generation; “Kingdom Dragon Soul”, a 3D fantasy adventure masterpiece; and “The Three Recorded Kingdoms”, a dark Three Kingdoms-themed action mobile game.

In addition, more information regarding the upcoming Netease wuxia mobile game “Justice Online” to be officially launched at the end of June will also be unveiled. Prior to this, the SPARK 2023 Tencent game launch is scheduled for 8 PM on May 15, during which a number of new 2023 games will be announced.

The following are the games participating in the 2023 NetEase Games 520 online conference

(In no particular order)


New games:

“Justice Online” mobile, “Racing Master”, “The Legend of The Condor Heroes”

Nine Cities: Journey of Qifeng,  Badlanders


Hoop Heroes,  RAID: Shadow Legends

Mission Zero, Kingdom Dragon Soul, and The Three Recorded Kingdoms


Hot games:

The Eggy Party, Fantasy Westward Journey, PC version

Fantasy Westward Journey mobile game, Fantasy Westward Journey 3 D Edition

Fantasy Westward Journey Web Edition, A Chinese Odyssey: Coming Home

A Chinese Odyssey 2 classic edition and A Chinese Odyssey 2 free version

A Chinese Odyssey mobile game, Diablo: Immortal

Infinite Lagrange, Identity V,

A Chinese Ghost Story II, A Chinese Ghost Story mobile game

Justice, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, Ace Racer,

Pokemon Quest, Dream and Lethe Record

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, Shadowverse

For All Time, NightMare Breaker

Dream Chaser the Showbiz, Onmyoji, Onmyoji: Yokai Koya

Onmyoji: The Card Game, Onmyoji Arena, Tianxia 3, Tianxia mobile, Sky: Children of the Light, LifeAfter

Champion of the Fields, Immortal Conquest, Revelation Online

Revelation Online mobile game, Yi Meng Jiang Hu 2.0 era, Werewolf

Knives Out, Vive Le Football

Epic of Tia, Minecraft

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