E-commerce companies will invest 10 billion yuan to support merchants

Users consume and trade in each scene of e-commerce, from the fact that the average daily viewing of live broadcast exceeds 2.9 billion times; users are willing to spend time searching on e-commerce platforms, since the daily average search intent count for e-commerce has reached 400 million times; many users mentioned their favorite commerce scenarios: buying goods during holiday sales, snitching goods on special sales channels, participating in brand new product lotteries, get member-only samples, etc., our users express their willingness to buy from us, and we ship out more than 30 billion parcels to thousands of households annually.

Understand and buy goods through e-commerce, meet users’ new expectations for a better life.

The first is the scale. The overall inventory GMV ratio, in the premise that the growing market is still expanding, has now steadily exceeded 30%. The second is the habit of users. When users form the habit of active consumption, they will go to browse the e-mall and actively search for products. In the past year, the GMV of the e-mall has increased by 277% year on year, and the GMV of e-commerce search has increased by 159% year on year. The third is the size of merchants. We have looked at an interesting data. At present, in the e-commerce ecology, there are 56% of merchants. Yet, the GMV of the inventory scene accounts for more than 50%.

The second point is that the content not only brings traffic, but also can enrich commodity information and promote commodity transformation. Goods also need content. Commodity cards with short video covers are 20% higher than the market, and the conversion rate of goods with detailed evaluation will increase by 98%. We urge businesses not to forget to promote their goods with good content to catalyze good sales.

The third point is to share and emphasize that we have a prosperous content creation ecology. It is obvious that these numbers, stars, talents, MCN, service providers are all booming. In addition to doing their own content management, they can also cooperate with them to promote business.

In 2023, the boundaries of global interest e-commerce are very broad. In the future, “going global” will be a comprehensive ecology, covering all kinds of traffic and fully meeting the various transaction needs of users. This year, the e-commerce platform will invest 10 billion yuan in cash to the commodity card free commission project, with real money to support businesses to do a good job in “going global”, accelerating the development of the inventory scene.








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