Dive Deeper into Icelandic Folklore with the Island of Winds Developer Commentary Video

Join Parity Games in a walkthrough of their awe-inspiring debut action-adventure title

Publisher ESDigital Games and developer Parity Games are thrilled to reveal the first developer walkthrough video for their debut action adventure-adventure title Island of Winds coming to PC and consoles in 2025.

ESDigital Games’ recent publishing partnership agreement with Parity Games was announced during the London Games Festival where Island of Winds has been participating in various events as part of the London Games Festival Official Selection in the New Voices category. As part of this prestigious event, Parity Games presented an in-depth walkthrough video for Island of Winds with brand-new gameplay, and an introduction to the fascinating setting, folklore and characters players will experience.

Watch the Island of Winds video here:

Island of Winds is an action-adventure game set in the awe-inspiring environment of fantastical 17th-century Iceland. Drawing inspiration from nature, folklore, and history,

the game revolves around the protagonist Brynhildur, the Balance Keeper, who must embark on a journey of discovery when her homestead is attacked and her mentor abducted. Join Brynhildur on her odyssey and be immersed in a rich story filled with extensive lore and intriguing puzzles as well as legendary creatures, spellcasting and a special focus on empathy encounters.

Island of Winds is developed by Parity Games and published by ESDigital Games and will launch for PC and consoles in 2025. Fans can Wishlist the game on Steam now.

Follow Island of Winds’ development journey on the official game website https://islandofwinds.com/ and ESDigital Games website https://esdigital.games/ and social channels: X / Facebook / Instagram / TikTok / Linkedin

About Parity Games

Island of Winds is the debut title from Parity Games, a female-led Icelandic studio founded in 2017 by industry veterans from renowned developers CCP Games. Parity was established to shape the future of games through a diverse range of people and ideas, bringing visions to life with more variety and parity than ever before. This ethos is woven into Island of Winds as its tale has Brynhildur explore themes such as belonging, self-doubt, and regret through its character interactions, story quests and environmental storytelling.

About ESDigital Games

ESDigital Games is a global video games publishing company specializing in premium indie and mid-core games for both PC as well as consoles. ESDigital Games portfolio includes the 80s-themed point-and-click adventure Unusual Findings, the tactical card combat game Deck of Ashes, the Early Access release of roguelike action RPG Scholar of the Arcane Arts and the release of the action beat ‘em up 9 Monkeys of Shaolin. Their upcoming releases include twin-stick shooter REMEDIUM, RTS tower defense and match-3 mechanics title Cats on Duty, 3D action RPG game Awaken – Astral Blade, complex alchemy RPG Battlejuice Alchemist, and the story-driven sci-fi adventure Sky of Tides as well as new unannounced titles in development.

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