Disney-pixar’s new animated feature film “Inside Out 2” is set for release on June 21

InsideOut2“, a new animated film released by China Film/Huaxia and honored by Disney Pixar, announced that it will be released on the mainland on June 21. Pixar uses extraordinary imagination to transform emotions into five strange little people who inhabit Riley’s mental world, each taking charge of Riley’s life order and emotional responses. When the lively and cheerful Riley enters adolescence, more complex emotions come unbidden, they will lead Riley to experience what kind of mental journey? How rich can the inner play of growth really be? With the release of the film, the answer to all these mysteries is waiting to be revealed.

Emotional command recruit new, together to meet the storm of youth

“Inside Out 2”will present a new coming-of-age story based on the characters and structure of its predecessor. When Riley hits puberty, her life changes dramatically – with high school on the horizon, a powerful new hockey team, and cooler senior class friends. As Riley struggles to find her place in this new chapter of her life, the world inside her head is about to be tested like never before.

All this comes from a “big demolition” of Riley’s brain headquarters, in the face of the sudden arrival of new emotions, the original “residents” of the headquarters, Joy, Sadness, anger, Fear and Disgust, have become overwhelmed, and they are overwhelmed. There is also Embarrassment among complex emotional partners, including embarrassment, Ennui, and Envy. What kind of sparks will emerge from the clash of different emotions? How will their different attitudes toward growing up affect Riley’s adolescent life?

Sparkling youth, the mood should be colorful

All along, the tacit understanding of the five emotional team is Riley’s brain deep helmsman, but also accompany Riley through a happy childhood important partners. As a small commander of the team, Lele always sits in the brain headquarters, with a cheerful smile to overcome all difficulties and create beautiful memories; Sadness is sensitive and tough, allowing Riley to detect and adapt to changes in her life. Anger’s loyalty is impeccable, and as Riley grows up, he learns to keep his temper and stand up when it matters. Vigilant fear never tired of reminding the team to think twice and learn to protect themselves; On the surface, Disgust is cold and critical, but she is outspoken, and her honesty and determination allow the team to find a way out of the crisis time and time again.

As Riley enters adolescence, more complex emotions develop: Jiao, a bright orange color, is naturally high-energy, but she also seems to suffer from being surrounded by tension and insecurity; Awkwardly, shy and awkward, the big pink man tried to hide himself in the face of the burning heat – the psychological picture of the consciousness of growing pains; Loss, on behalf of the discomfort and helplessness of life, her appearance, to Riley’s personality added a unique adolescent color of indifference; And the always shining star eyes can always accurately dig Riley’s infatuation and yearning for things that she does not have, revealing her curiosity and desire for the unknown world.

In “Inside Out 2“, viewers will follow these emotional characters on a new and fantastic adventure. The newly added emotions represent the advanced challenges Riley faces in growing up, and will undoubtedly add new tension to the story, triggering friends both large and small on screen to think deeply about their own growth.

Rich imagination, an unrestrained and vigorous style

With extraordinary imagination, “Inside Out 2” presents unrestrained Settings and images, leading the audience to roam the magic zone of the brain and explore the mysteries of emotions together. Tears and cute points interwoven, the family audience will be together with the movie, feel the emotional changes in the growth of children, interpret the confusion of growth, become a better companion to each other. And for every young person, no matter what kind of environment they are in, they will find a gentle emotional resonance in the movie: embrace your every emotion, and embrace a more complete and free self!

The previous film “Inside Out” (2015), created by the Gold production team, has won many international awards such as “88th Academy Award ® Best Animated Feature”, “69th British Academy Film Award ® Best Animated Feature”, “73rd Golden Globe Award ® Best Animated Feature”. It is also a highly acclaimed high score on multiple head social media platforms, with a fresh rating of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes; Douban scored a whopping 8.8. With the support of the excellent reputation of the previous film, “Inside Out 2” received 157 million views within 24 hours of the release of the trailer, surpassing 2019’s “Frozen 2” and creating a new record for the viewing volume of Disney’s animated film trailer premiere. After nine years, this much-anticipated animated blockbuster will be released on June 21, 2024 in 2D, 3D, CINITY, IMAX, Dolby, Chinese giant screen version, allowing us to play the emotional variations of youth, and then start a wonderful journey to the depths of our hearts!


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