Digital Talent Training Initiativ

In order to give full play to the fundamental role of digital talents in supporting the digital economy, accelerate the formation of new quality productivity, and empower high-quality development, nine departments, including the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Cyberspace Administration of the CPC Central Committee, and the National Development and Reform Commission, issued the Action Plan for Accelerating the Cultivation of Digital Talents to Support the Development of the Digital Economy (2024-2026). It is required to closely follow the needs of digital industrialization and industrial digital development, and take about three years to carry out a number of special actions to enhance the independent innovation ability of digital talents, stimulate the innovation and entrepreneurship vitality of digital talents, increase the effective supply of digital talents, and form the agglomeration effect of digital talents. We will strive to build a team of high-level digital talents with large scale, good quality, optimized structure and reasonable distribution to better support the high-quality development of the digital economy.

(1) Implementation of digital technology engineer training projects. Focusing on new occupations in digital fields such as big data, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, integrated circuits, and data security, we will formulate and promulgate national occupational standards, develop training courses, carry out standardized training and social evaluation by occupation, profession and grade, and obtain corresponding titles that can be linked to professional and technical grade certificates.

(2) Promoting digital skills upgrading actions. Accelerate the development of national professional standards, basic vocational training packages, teaching materials and courses for a number of digital occupations (types of work), and increase the open sharing of digital training resources relying on Internet platforms. Comprehensively implement the training model of engineering and engineering integration of skills talents, further promote the integration of production and education, support industry enterprises, vocational colleges (including technical colleges, the same below), vocational training institutions, public training bases, skill master studios, etc., and strengthen the training and training of innovative and practical digital skills talents.

(3) Carry out international exchange activities for digital talents. We will increase efforts to give priority to digital talents, introduce a group of overseas high-level digital talents, support a group of overseas digital talents who have studied and returned to China to innovate and start businesses, and organize a group of overseas high-level digital talents to return to China to serve.

(4) Launching initiatives for digital talent innovation and entrepreneurship. Support the establishment of a number of digital economy entrepreneurship carriers and entrepreneurship schools, and encourage digital talents to innovate and start businesses in artificial intelligence, information technology, intelligent manufacturing, e-commerce and other digital economy fields. Actively cultivate professional investment institutions in the field of digital economy segmentation, and invest in a number of digital economy specialized and new “small giant” enterprises. We will accelerate the construction of a number of national professional talent markets in the field of digital economy, and cultivate and develop a number of digital human resource service enterprises.

(5) Launching actions to develop the digital talent empowerment industry. In line with the development needs of enterprises, order, customized and targeted training courses are set up to cultivate a group of composite talents who understand both industrial technology and digital technology, constantly improve the digital literacy and professional level of employees, and help the digital transformation and high-quality development of the industry. Strengthen the construction of mobile stations and workstations for post-doctoral research in the digital field, and increase the training of post-doctoral talents.

(6) Holding digital vocational technical skills competitions. In the National Skills competition, we specially set up intelligent manufacturing, integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, data security and other digital professional competition projects. In the National Post-doctoral Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the new generation of information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing and other digital fields are highlighted, and high-level digital talents are promoted to connect with the project industry.

(7) Improving training policies. According to the demand for digital talents, deepen the research and practice of new engineering in the digital field, strengthen the professional construction of digital-related disciplines in colleges and universities, and increase the cultivation of interdisciplinary talents. We will give full play to the role of vocational colleges, promote the upgrading and digital transformation of vocational education majors, and add a number of new majors in the digital field.

(8) Improve the evaluation system. Continue to publish digital occupations, and dynamically adjust the professional Settings of digital titles. Support local governments to add professional titles in digital fields such as artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, big data, industrial Internet, and data security according to the needs of industrial development.

(9) Improving the distribution system. We will improve the income distribution policy oriented towards transforming digital scientific and technological achievements and increasing the value of digital knowledge, improve the wage distribution incentive mechanism for high-level talents, and implement the cash reward policy for researchers to transform scientific and technological achievements in their positions. Formulate guidelines on salary distribution for employees in the digital economy, and guide enterprises to establish and improve enterprise salary distribution systems that meet the characteristics of digital talents.

(10) Raising input levels. We will explore the establishment of a special fund for cultivating digital talents financed through social forces. All localities should incorporate the training and training of digital occupations (types of work) that meet local needs into the guidance directory of vocational skills training needs, the directory of training institutions, and the real-name information management system. For qualified personnel, policies such as vocational training subsidies, vocational skills evaluation subsidies, and unemployment insurance skills upgrading subsidies can be implemented in accordance with regulations. Cross-regional employment and entrepreneurship are allowed to enjoy the relevant employment and entrepreneurship support policies in accordance with the regulations of their permanent residence or place of employment.

(11) Smooth flow channels. Smooth the flow channels of enterprise digital talents to colleges and universities, support colleges and universities to set up mobile positions, attract qualified high-level digital talents from enterprises to take part-time jobs according to regulations, and support and encourage qualified scientific researchers in the digital field of colleges and universities and scientific research institutes to make part-time innovations in accordance with national regulations, on-the-job and off-job establishment of enterprises.
(12) Strengthen incentives and guidance. We will include high-level digital talents in the database of local senior experts, and encourage qualified localities to provide support or convenience in housing, household registration, medical services, children’s schooling, spouse employment, venture capital investment, and job title evaluation in light of actual conditions. We will intensify policy publicity, vigorously promote and cultivate the spirit of scientists and craftsmen, and create a good environment for digital talents to grow into talents.



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