Die by the Blade to be released by the original developer on PC in May 2024

One-Hit-Kill Sword-Fighting Game Die by the Blade to be released by the original developer on PC in May 2024

Slovakian indie development and publishing company Grindstone is excited to announce the return of the rights for its highly anticipated one-hit-kill multiplayer sword-fighting game Die by the Blade back from the publishing partner to the original development team. After the successful re-acquisition of the rights, Grindstone will release Die by the Blade on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store on May 16th, 2024, followed by the release on consoles in October 2024. This strategic decision marks a pivotal moment for the future of both Grindstone and Die by the Blade.

The initial collaboration with the publishing partner was embarked upon with high hopes, but as the journey unfolded, it became evident that differing visions for the project were impacting its true potential. Recognising the importance of aligning creative visions for the success of Die by the Blade, Grindstone took the step of re-acquiring the project from its previous publishing partner, thus allowing the team to fully realize the creative vision for their game and bring it directly to the community.

Watch the new gameplay trailer for Die by the Blade here


“We are thrilled that we can bring Die by the Blade directly to our fantastic community and shape the creative vision of the game together with our players!” said Peter Nagy, CEO at Grindstone. “This decision was hard to make and incredibly difficult to bring to life for a small indie company like Grindstone. However, we accepted the challenge, and despite the complicated and hard times in the industry we managed to get the external funding to re-acquire the Die by the Blade rights back. As a result, our creative team can now bring the game directly to our fans and unleash its true potential.”

The release date for the PC version of Die by the Blade is set for May 16, 2024, much to the delight of eager fans who have been anticipating this moment for a long time. The studio is committed to ensuring that the PC version is a polished and immersive experience.

Furthermore, Grindstone plans to release the console versions of Die by the Blade in October 2024, expanding the reach of the game to a broader gaming audience.

“We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to our community for unwavering support and endless patience,” commented Grindstone’s publishing director Matej Hudak. “The development of Die by the Blade was far more challenging for a small development team than we originally anticipated. With the support of our partners we eventually managed to complete the game and we are eager to bring the game directly to our community.”

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About Grindstone

Grindstone is a videogame development, production and publishing company with a strong background in game development based in Slovakia. It was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from the successful Slovakian development studio Games Farm to create new opportunities and support game developers in delivering creatively and commercially viable games that can compete on global markets


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