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MONTREAL, November 16, 2020 – Tech start-up rob0 (Rob Zero) introduced a new AI-powered analytics tool to visually monitor and improve player retention. Built by and for game developers, rob0 is the first analytics platform created specifically for VR, PC and mobile games.

The tool is free to try and gives insight on exactly where and why users stop playing a game. Armed with this knowledge, developers can fix bugs and focus their effort on improving the game experience, engagement and revenue from day 1.

“rob0 was developed out of a need we had as developers,” said Richard Rispoli, rob0 CEO. As a game producer and developer, Rispoli first created rob0 for his own video game studio, Back to the Game (B2tGame), to understand retention issues that existing analytics tools couldn’t solve.

“After showing a prototype of rob0 to colleagues in the development community and seeing their reaction, we knew we had to make it available to the whole gaming industry. We’re excited to share it as a web-based tool for everyone in the VR, PC and mobile gaming industry. It feels good to know we can help teams of any size get closer to creating a perfect game experience.”

Available for Unity developers worldwide, rob0 monitors game experience and uses artificial intelligence to select key moments that highlight common user problems. By watching the exact moment in gameplay where users quit, developers can see how issues arise and plan to fix them. The product has been in closed beta since late 2019, allowing the rob0 team to collect and incorporate valuable feedback from the developer community.

“rob0 helped my team to avoid wasting time arguing on decisions to take. The video snapshot is very handy when we need to ask ourselves: do players understand this feature or do they use it the way we want?”

– Maxime Tresal-Mauroz, Webedia Executive Producer

Earlier this year, rob0 forged a development partnership with OnMobile, a global leader in mobile entertainment. The India based company took an equity stake in rob0, hoping to leverage the technology within their enriched mobile gaming offerings.

The groundbreaking tool was officially released on November 12, 2020, at Canada’s leading event for the gaming industry, MEGAMIGS. For this special 100% digital edition, rob0 joined as the official Indie Zone sponsor, continuing their commitment to game developers of all levels.


About rob0

rob0 (Rob Zero) is an AI-powered visual retention analytics tool created by and for video game developers. The web-based SaaS turns video game data into smart insights, helping optimize game play and maximize revenues. The simple Plug&play setup helps to show precisely when and why players leave from day 1. For more info visit


Source: Julie Gagnon Communications

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