Destiny 2 Cross Save Feature Is Arriving On August 21

Bungie has announced that the Cross Save feature for Destiny 2 is finally arriving on August 21, 2019, and players will be able to play the game across any platform with the same saved file. The prospect of the cross-save will greatly benefit players who have multiple platforms and do not have access to their main gaming platform at the same time. With this feature in place, they will be able to start their game at one platform and complete the game on another platform.

Destiny 2 Cross Save will work across PS4, Xbox One, PC via Steam and Stadia. However, your Bungie account must remain the same across all platforms for your Guardians and Gear to sync with all platforms. However, Bungie has made it clear that Cross Save does not mean Cross Play. Players will be able to access their characters across different platform but won’t be able to engage with players on other platforms.

It also goes without saying that you must have a copy of Destiny 2 for different platforms to use Cross Save. You cannot use your PS4 copy to Cross Save and access the character on an Xbox One. You can think of it as a central hub for all your Guardians and Gear where they are stored and later you can access them from any platform you play the game on. The progress will be stored on the cloud so you will have everything you earn on your PS4 available on your Xbox One and more.

Bungie has set up a dedicated Cross Save page on their official site which comes with a little handy FAQ section at the bottom which can answer all your questions such as which platforms are supported and how you can use this feature in detail. Make sure that you go through this FAQ section if you encounter any sort of problem while using Cross Save in Destiny 2.

By: Umair Khalid

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