Deceit 2 Road to Full Launch

Hello Deceit 2 Community! Since our Steam-only launch in September, Deceit 2 will launch on console with a load of improvements.

Deceit 2 is not just any game; it’s a heart-pounding arena of social deception, strategy, action and the ever-enticing question of whom to trust. A number of improvements has been made across the board in advance of our console launch,.


Deceit 2 will be a premature PC launc with a load of optimisation-focussed updates. It has been already achieved a roughly 200% performance increase since its initial launch. These improvements translate to smoother, more dynamic gameplay and make Deceit 2 accessible to even more players with varying hardware capabilities. It’s enhanced the lighting, reworked character models and animations, and optimised gameplay code.

User Experience

The entire graphical style surrounding Deceit 2 is undergoing a rework to be more aesthetically pleasing and consistent. This new style will roll out across the game’s UI in the coming months, as well as on the website and other media. It will adhere to a ritual-esque chalk line style, emphasising the magical-fantasy aspects of the game.

User experience remains at the heart of our ongoing improvements.  Deceit 2 has been worked diligently to be as user-friendly as possible. The focus has been on a more intuitive UI that simplifies navigation and enriches your in-game experience. Expect responsive gameplay mechanics, easier access to vital information, and an overall smoother, more enjoyable journey from login to leaderboard.

It has elevating players’ auditory experience as well, with line trace-based occlusion and improved implementation of convolution and algorithmic reverbs for a more immersive sound environment. All of this means that you should notice big improvements to the sound!

Furthermore, it has been enhanced the flow throughout the game. Key moments like the intro sequence, activating weak points, voting cinematic, banishing circle, and end-of-game sequence will be updated for clarity and intent. This community-driven approach will continue, so keep your comments coming—even if they’re brutal.

Mastery System

Our brand-new Mastery System adds another layer of complexity and excitement to Deceit 2. Climb the ranks from Wood to Master by earning accolades for your strategic brilliance and cunning deceptions. Various accolades await your claim as you progress, allowing you to flaunt your achievements with exclusive plinths and badges. With the full launch it’ll be added a load of new rewards that can be unlocked with accolades.

New Content

Rest assured,the team is never content with standing still. To keep your Deceit 2 experience as invigorating as the first time you played, its’ intrudoced new maps, roles, and terrors. These additions promise to not only freshen up the scenery but also introduce new gameplay mechanics that will keep even the most seasoned players on their toes. The team’ll be making a community beta version of our second map available later this year.

Console Launch

The team is over the moon to announce that the team’s completed development on both Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 5, subject to review, and submitted Deceit 2 for console certification. To make sure we’ve addressed all of the PC-launch feedback, the team is targeting a full console launch in late November, but with an extra pre-release console test in the next few weeks. Stay tuned, and it will be announced the final dates very soon! Cross-play will be enabled, and while there won’t be console-exclusive features, the inclusion of controller support will ensure a comfortable and intuitive gameplay experience for all players.

Expanded Availability

It will be not stopped at console availability. To make Deceit 2 even more accessible, the teaam is in talks to bring the game to other stores, such as the Epic Store, and will be looking at other platforms in 2024. We’re also exploring options to include Deceit 2 in subscription services like Game Pass. This global expansion ensures that a wider range of people across the world will have access to the riveting world of deception and strategy. The more the merrier—and, of course, the more entertaining the game becomes as new communities join the fray.

The Halloween event starts on the 26th October, and we’ll be sharing much more on that shortly.

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