Death Stranding Gets New Trailer, Extended Gameplay Video at TGS 2019

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is arriving in less than 2 months now and as the release is getting near, Hideo Kojima is not missing any opportunity to show us more of the game. TGS 2019 is in full swing and Hideo Kojima took it to the stage and revealed a really long 49-minute gameplay video of Death Stranding along with a brand new trailer which sheds some more light on what is happening in Death Stranding.

Until now, we had no idea what was happening in the world of Death Stranding but the new trailer tells us a lot more about the game and what is happening in it. The video reveals that Sam Porter Bridges used to be a Strand, a person tasked with connecting people across the country and re-establishing the United Cities of America, however, he is not a Strand anymore. However, his services are required once more for a final mission which will either save the world or destroy it completely.

Despite being reluctant to join the mission, he, however, changes his mind at the last minutes and his ready to embark on the mission which was started by the UCA a long time ago. As it turns out, Sam is pretty important for this mission and you can clearly see why because Sam is not just any ordinary Strand. Apart from this Briefing Trailer, Hideo Kojima also shared a massive 49-minute trailer which showcased the early minutes of the game.

The main show stealer is the 49-minute long trailer which details the gameplay like never before. It shows Sam getting ready for his mission and gets all his gadgets and devices ready. Once he is done, he gets a briefing and then we are taken to a screen which shows the different bag packs that Sam can carry for his trip. The trailer reveals different gameplay mechanics such as wading through the water and some vehicles as well.

Sam will be using his trusty bike to move around the massive map of the game and also a smaller hoverboard which can carry Sam’s burden or Sam can use it to move around the map as well. It is a great vehicle to scout enemy areas and running from fights as well. The footage also shows some of the enemies which we will encounter in the game as we explore the open world of the game.

Earlier, Hideo Kojima shared with us how developing the open-world game was a real challenge for him and his tease. We also have some rumors that Death Stranding will arrive on PC after its debut on PS4. You can also check the video which showed us Heartman and his story.

By: Umair Khalid

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