Dear Villagers coming in 2023!

Dear Villagers reveals new visual identity, with amazing games coming in 2023!

Dear Villagers, a boutique publishing label composed of a team of twenty people, has announced a massive rebranding effort. A subsidiary of Plug in Digital, Dear Villagers emerged in 2018 and has since flourished into its own thriving, unique ecosystem of over 20 people.

Having already released such successful, beloved and award-winning titles at The Forgotten City, The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk, Foretales, Souldiers, and Edge Of Eternity, Dear Villagers has carved a niche for itself as an indie game publisher that partners with developers focused on narrative and world-building, making games that will be memorable long after the credits have rolled.

“When we launched Dear Villagers, we invited studios to join us in a cozy and friendly place where they’d be free to create the best gaming experiences with enthusiastic support from a rising publisher,” said Guillaume Jamet, Head of Publishing for Dear Villagers. “For the past few years, our company continued to grow and raise money, but we kept our ambition intact. That’s what we want to claim with this new visual identity, offering more personality, along with a clear charter of values. We live in a cool village with talented, passionate developers and artists. Come join us!”

To commemorate this rebrand, Dear Villagers has revealed its all new logo up above. Developed with marketing agency Combostrike, it’s a joyful village, a reminder that almost every endeavor in our industry is a group effort. There’s a reason for the expression “it takes a village”. The colors are inspired by landscapes from the south of France, where Dear Villagers is based, full of olive trees and lavender fields.

Dear Villagers also revealed its new key art. Realized by an artist from Toulouse called Sylvain Tohad, and his studio Umeshu Lovers, this painting represents the company’s vision of its welcoming little village, getting ready to celebrate.

As part of its redefined initiative, Dear Villagers has outlined the following core values in an effort to be a preferred publishing partner for the best indie studios, worthy of their talent, and of their trust:


True to the proverb, we believe that anything of value can only be achieved through fruitful collaboration. We foster a culture of teamwork, of asking when you don’t know the answer, of celebrating victories together, and supporting each other through setbacks.


Any success in our space is a testament, first and foremost, to the quality of the game. Above all else, we value the creative work of the studios we partner with. We always make decisions with their best interests in mind.


We strive to create a net positive impact wherever we can. We believe in the value of long-term partnerships, based on mutual trust, which takes root in honesty, transparency, and acceptance. We love pixels, but we believe in people.


Our industry is in a unique place to be a safe haven for people who feel outside the status quo. People who love quirky and unique things with boundless passion, people whose identity, or ability, or inclination isn’t as clear-cut as mainstream stereotypes. We strive to be a little corner of the gaming space, where compassion and tolerance are valued above any ideology.


We believe in learning by doing, in improving by trying. Wherever possible, we make room for innovation, for trial and error, on any project. Like an artisan, we craft first, observe, try again, sometimes fail, then fail better. As a result, we build best practices that we, and the studios we work with, can all trust.


We are dreamers, and while we take time to celebrate successes, we cultivate an infinite mindset. There is always some bigger dream to chase, some innovation to catch up to, or get ahead of. At our core, we are committed to growing our scope and capability to publish increasingly ambitious titles.


We have an opportunity to bring beautiful stories into the limelight, and to bring players together around positive, shared experiences that will be etched in their memories long into the future. Embracing player empathy as a guiding tool, we strive to bring them joyful, memorable emotions.

About Plug In Digital

Plug In Digital supports hundreds of partners, from indie studios to AAA Publishers, to optimize their digital sales and explore and grow new revenue sources for their games on PC, Cloud, Console & Mobile.

About Dear Villagers

Dear Villagers is a publishing label of Plug In Digital. It’s a place where talented studios can unleash their creativity and focus on bringing unique single player experiences to players on PC and console, experiences that will stay with them long after the credits roll. Dear Villager’s lineup includes the award-winning The Forgotten City, The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk, ScourgeBringer and Edge Of Eternity.

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