Cursed Castilla, Super Hydorah and Rock Zombie 50% off  at Steam Winter Sale

Steam Winter Sale is here, and with it comes the opportunity of getting great Abylight games at a unbeatable price. Cursed Castilla, Super Hydorah and Rock Zombie, 50% off for a limited time.

Cursed Castilla 50% off

Put yourself in the shoes of knight Don Ramiro and fight the creatures from Hell invading Tolomera del Rey, through 8 levels filled with platforming, traps and enemies. Enjoy 4 different endings and discover more than 50 creatures based on european folklore.

Cursed Castilla is an improved version of the original game by Locomalito, based on classics such as Ghost’n Goblins and Tiger Road. The game is also available on PS4 (PS5 compatible), Xbox One, Xbox Series XS through retro compatibility and Nintendo Switch, including a physical limited Collector´s Edition.

Abylight Studios and the brilliant minds of Locomalito and Gryzor87 bring us this classic shmup, inspired by legendary shooters like Gradius (Nemesis) or R-Type.

Take control of your Delta Lance starship through 21 non linear levels and wipe out more than 100 types of enemies and 35 level bosses. Syper Hydorah is a frantic shooter that will test your skills and nerves of steel.

What if your favourite rock concert was ruined by a zombie outbreak? The answer is Rock Zombie, a classic inspired brawler, in which you can use your guitar to defeat the undead hordes.

Help the three members of the band through 21 levels full of action, heavy metal music and a dark sense of humor, brought to us by Quatemion Studios. Enjoy its story and unlock lots of extras and collectibles for your own zombie museum

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