Crytivo Launches Humanity into Lunar Frontiers in “The Crust”

Crytivo and VEOM Studio, a team of passionate developers brought together in 2019, announced a publishing partnership for the upcoming pc game The Crust. In The Crust, players assume the pivotal role of a lunar colony CEO, entrusted with the monumental task of founding a lunar colony to rescue a humanity on the brink of extinction.

New demo is here:


The Crust is a colony city builder and resource management game with a compelling narrative flanked by a starry backdrop and a beautiful, yet rugged, lunar canvas.The game offers a dynamic blend of strategic decision-making, exploration, and geopolitical influence as players navigate the challenges of space colonization. From organizing scientific expeditions to uncover lunar mysteries, trading with Earth’s factions, to managing a diverse team of experts and automating essential processes, every choice made impacts the colony’s fate and Earth’s future. The game’s rich narrative, moral dilemmas, and unexpected plot twists create a compelling and emotionally engaging experience, urging players to make impactful decisions that echo across the cosmos, shaping the destiny of humanity in the vast expanse of space.

Key Features

  • Build and manage a lunar colony above and below the Moon’s surface, facing environmental challenges and scarcity.
  • Experience urgency in a compelling story, making critical decisions for humanity’s survival and lunar exploration.
  • Manage intricate resource systems, balancing extraction, processing, and automation for colony sustainability.
  • Lead expeditions to uncover lunar mysteries, exploring remote objects, abandoned structures, and unique geological formations.
  • Influence Earth’s economy and politics by trading resources, manipulating markets, and investing in large-scale projects.
  • Assemble and manage a team of experts, leveraging their unique skills to optimize production and research efforts.
  • Navigate a tech tree, making strategic choices to balance survival needs and technological advancements, shaping the fate of humanity.

About the Developers

VEOM STUDIO is a passionate team of developers, driven by the desire to create immersive, challenging, and intellectually stimulating games. Committed to pushing the boundaries of gaming experiences, we aim to deliver narratives that resonate and mechanics that captivate. The studio was established in 2019. The Crust is a debut game for the studio.

About Crytivo

Crytivo is an indie developer and publisher founded in 2017 by Alex Koshelkov. Crytivo works with game developers around the globe to help bring to market the best and most creative upcoming indie games.

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