Crown of Greed, an unusual RTS game!

Are you ready to lead your people to glory?

In the realm of Rodovia, the king’s leadership steers the course of prosperity, yet the kingdom’s survival hangs in the balance without the aid of its Heroes. But beware, for these Heroes, though illustrious, can be capricious and driven by the lure of gold!


Will you master the art of ruling, ensuring the realm’s safety and reaching accords with mighty Heroes?

Unleash Free Will

Your saga unfolds in the mystical, Slavic-inspired lands of Rodovia, where an enigmatic, malevolent dragon wreaks havoc with its sinister magic. As the ruler, it falls upon you to combat the dark forces and protect your people. But here’s the twist – NPCs possess their own free will and intricate AI systems. No longer can you simply command them; you must sway or even bribe them to action.

Experience the authentic challenges of rulership as you navigate the balance of authority and independence amongst your subjects and Heroes. As you embark on missions, enhanced with procedurally generated elements, and explore the depths of your Castle, be prepared to issue your first commands.

About Crown of Greed

  • Unusual RTS gameplay with indirect management solutions.
  • Engaging Contracts and Orders systems, which may or may not influence your people and heroes.
  • Opportunity to build and expand your own medieval city.
  • Dynamic Combat and Magic systems.
  • The majestic in-game world, inspired by Slavic folk culture and mythology.
  • Numerous procedurally generated gameplay elements.

Game release date

Crown of Greed is scheduled for release in the first half of 2025, this game promises an unforgettable adventure filled with mythical creatures and ancient legends. As the year progresses, players can look forward to participating in playtests and experiencing a demo version of “Crown of Greed.” Anticipate the demo and playtests to be available in the third and fourth quarters of 2024. Stay tuned for updates as the journey unfolds!

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