Cooler Master has announced the GX II Gold series of power supply units

Cooler Master Introduces the GX II Gold – A Robust PSU for Power Users, Enthusiasts, and Custom Builders

Discover the New Benchmark for Reliability and Efficiency

Cooler Master has announced the GX II Gold series of power supply units (PSUs), a new line of PSUs designed for unparalleled durability, efficiency, and performance, catering to power users, enthusiasts, and custom builders.

The GX II Gold comes fully loaded with an APFC half-bridge, LLC, and DC-to-DC design, achieving an 80 Plus Gold efficiency certification while maintaining exceptional performance. A smart thermal control mode and zero-RPM default mode effectively minimize noise and enhance heat dissipation, while an ATX 3.0 12VHPWR native cable featuring a space-saving 90-degree connector ensures flexible compatibility with the latest GPUs. Key features for the GX II Gold includes:

80 PLUS Gold certification: The GX II Gold is certified to achieve more than 90% efficiency at typical loads.

ATX 3.0 support: ATX 3.0 compatibility and a 12VHPWR connector enable peak power support up to 200% more than the unit’s rated power.

Smart thermal control mode: A zero-RPM default mode automatically activates the fan `1when your PC reaches a specific temperature.

Fully modular cabling: Efficiently reduces clutter, increases airflow, and improves overall efficiency and thermal performance.

10-year warranty: This unit comes with a standard limited manufacturing warranty of 10 years from the date of purchase.

With the reliable durability, strength, and efficiency of the GX II Gold, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

About Cooler Master:
Established in 1992, Cooler Master is a PC hardware brand with a track record for advancing the industry. From the world’s first aluminum PC case to our pioneering thermal technologies, we are committed to breaking technological boundaries and challenging the status quo. Our focus is to create a community for individuals who dare to stand out and embrace their inventive identity. Whether its new builders using their PC as medium for self-expression, or hardcore gamers setting up their battle stations, we revel in being Wired Different. We are a brand aiming to go above and beyond the build-your-own PC experience by creating cool products for awesome people to build with in their own unique way. Check out or join us on Instagram, Twitter, Discord, and Facebook for more information. Make it yours!




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