Shift between character and car in Champion Shift’s latest cinematic trailer.

A new face enters the action roguelike genre today with the early access release of Champion Shift from SRG Studios. Get a preview of the game’s unique mechanics and epic abilities in the cinematic release trailer.

Defeat the Dominion

Champion Shift is an exciting new addition to the roguelike genre, bringing famed warriors to the combat field. Beginning your adventure as the legendary King Arthur, slash through your oppressor’s chains with his mighty Excalibur and free your fellow fighters to aid alongside your journey. Under the dominance of the Dominion–a shadow corporation intent on eliminating your preternatural abilities–you must battle your way toward freedom. As you experience Champion Shift’s different maps and enemies, unlock more champions to enact your revenge on the Dominion, including Athena, Gilgamesh, Tomoe, and more.

Shift Between Character and Car

Explore Champion Shift’s unlockable characters, each boasting a unique kit to fit any playstyle. As you defeat enemies and explore more of the map, earn additional upgrades to your kit like Ymir’s Howl, a bone-chilling frost that slows enemies, or Naga Venom, potent venom that deals damage over time and weakens foes. With over 20 different abilities, choose your own adventure and create a custom kit for your perfect run! In addition to melee combat, players can swap between champion and sports car. Race to your next mission, control your car to clear enemies, and use skill points to add abilities and boost your car’s overall damage!

4 Player Online Co-op

Play Champion Shift solo, or invite friends to co-op and put your champions to the test. Up to four players may band together to leverage their strength and reach new damage records. Challenge mobs along Champion Shift’s city streets, survive oncoming attacks as you race through the desert, and take on elite bosses to prove your status as champion!


  • Unlock globally iconic champions, including Sun Wukong, Athena, and Gilgamesh!
  • Increase your champion’s power as you unlock upgrades through the eternal Yggdrasil.
  • Explore hundreds of celestial ability combinations to customize your perfect run.
  • Boss battles and challenging enemy encounters test your playstyle and strategy.
  • Shift between vehicle and champion, each with their own strengths and additional skills.
  • Default auto attacks or optional manual aim for a customizable gameplay experience.
  • Play solo or co-op with up to 4 players.
  • Original musical scores designed for each stage, including day and night variations.
  • Champion Shift is available now on Steam. Additional updates will be added during Early Access to prepare for the full launch.

About SRG Studios

SRG Studios was founded in 2013 with a focus on developing mobile games. Known for games like, Ink Inc., Heroes Inc., and Sausage Wars, their games have been downloaded over 200 million times. The release of Champion Shift marks their transition from mobile games developer to developing games for consoles and PC.

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