China’s Box Office Soars With $993M in Holiday Sales

China’s Box Office Soars With $993M in Holiday Sales, Topping Pre-Pandemic Period

At the beginning of the first Spring Festival holiday since China adjusted its pandemic prevention policy, the once sluggish movie market is expected to make a strong recovery with a cluster of highly anticipated blockbusters. Total ticket sales over the six-day festive period, China’s most lucrative moviegoing window of the year, climbed to $993.8 million this year, up 14 percent from the equivalent stretch in 2019, the last holiday prior to the pandemic and also easily topped the 2022 Lunar New Year, which brought in $888.2 million.

Of the films opened during the holiday, the animated fantasy film “Deep Sea” had generated a total box office of nearly 217 million yuan. The family-friendly “Boonie Bears: Guardian Code” took third place on the holiday box office chart with over 417 million yuan of box office revenue.

“Deep Sea”, the latest work of director Tian Xiaopeng, who in 2015 presented the beloved “Monkey King: Hero is Back,” showcases the wonderful and colorful deep sea adventure of a young girl.

“Deep Sea” is the first film to fully utilize the “particle Chinese painting” technology, recreating the aesthetic of traditional Chinese painting with three-dimensional particle animation.The visual spectacles the film presents were cheered by audiences.

Combining cutting-edge technologies and profound storytelling, “Deep Sea” appeals more to devoted grown-up fans of domestic animations. “Boonie Bears: Guardian Code” on the other hand, aims to bring laughter and joy to the entire family.

The strong comeback at the Chinese multiplex was one of several encouraging indicators of economic recovery during the holiday, as Chinese consumers returned en masse to restaurants, tourist sites and entertainment venues, breathing a collective sigh of relief . The box office rebound is being read as welcome news by international investors as well as film executives, with many economists banking on cash-flush Chinese consumers to give the wobbly global economy a boost in 2023.

In Feb, there are two Marvel superhero standouts – Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania – to be released on Chinese mainland, the first return of Marvel in nearly four years, the Chinese film industry will make a strong recovery, encouraging more investors to finance quality films in the future.

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