China metaverse enterprise will be selected soon

In 2023, the “metaverse” is still continuing to heat up, and its industrial enabling role is also constantly highlighted and recognized. In order to excavate Chinese metaverse industry leaders and unicorn industry and aggregation industry high quality resources, with innovative development potential of metaverse enterprise is more people see, guided by China private science and technology industrialists association, the national association yuan universe working committee, Nanduwan Finance Society, MetaPost, SXR technology, Jiangsu Sue big data technology institute and other institutions jointly launched “Chinese metaverse enterprise innovation application TOP selection” officially launched.

The organizing committee will cooperate with professionals from well-known universities, research institutes, industry associations and head companies to form a jury panel, and obtain the latest status and context of the industry through the open data of the Internet, research reports of consulting institutions, user surveys and interviews, and field research of expert teams. At the same time, based on the metaverse enterprise business propagation, technical intellectual property reserves, the outside public opinion propaganda attention index, local metaverse policy heat, Internet search heat, user real evaluation, and other data dimensions modeling and data portrait, selected objective, real, authoritative “Chinese metaverse enterprise innovation application force TOP selection”.

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