China-Africa Development Fund collaborates with CGGE to implement a digital innovation technology education project

The China-Africa Development Fund of the State Bank, in collaboration with CGGE(CG Global Entertainment Ltd., is committed to promoting the development of digital innovation technology education under the China-Africa “Belt and Road” initiative. This partnership aims to provide advanced animation education and investment opportunities in the African region, opening up a broader future for the young people of Africa.

The China-Africa Development Fund and CGGE are collaborating on an animation and digital innovation technology education project. As part of the “Belt and Road” initiative, digital innovation technology education plays a crucial role in fostering cooperation and development between China and Africa.

In the digital era, animation education is not just for entertainment, but also an innovative educational approach that can vividly and interestingly deliver knowledge while fostering students’ creativity and thinking abilities. CGGE provides valuable expertise and experience, striving to promote the widespread application of digital innovation technology in the field of education. They offer training programs to students, teachers, and professionals in the China-Africa region, fostering innovative thinking and digital skills. The application of digital technology in education is becoming increasingly crucial, and through animation education, students can better understand and learn knowledge through visual and interactive ways. Digital innovation technology education cultivates more technical talents in the African region, promoting local technological innovation and economic development.

The China-Africa Development Fund has cumulatively invested over $7.1 billion in investment decisions in 39 African countries, leveraging over $31 billion in investment and financing from Chinese enterprises in Africa. The China-Africa Development Fund also provides support for investments in the digital innovation field, offering funding and professional guidance to promising innovative projects, helping local businesses and entrepreneurs achieve sustainable development. By collaborating with local businesses and entrepreneurs, they aim to explore the application and development potential of digital innovation technology in Africa. With various investment and financing methods, mainly focusing on equity investment, they create employment opportunities for the local population and facilitate the introduction of advanced Chinese technology, standards, and management experience into Africa, enhancing Africa’s independent development capabilities. This demonstrates a pioneering role in promoting mutual benefits, common development, and the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” and the building of a China-Africa community with a shared future.

The China-Africa Development Fund has initiated the “China-Africa Digital Economy Cooperation Entrepreneurship Initiative”, encouraging upstream and downstream enterprises to actively participate in investments in Africa’s digital infrastructure and digital economy sectors, empowering traditional industries with digital transformation and upgrading. It will provide digital technologies and solutions to African businesses, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and creating more business opportunities, thus achieving higher productivity and competitiveness. They aim to assist traditional industries in achieving digital transformation and upgrading in Africa.

We believe that with the joint efforts and collaboration of the China-Africa Development Fund and CGGE, the digital innovation technology education under the China-Africa “Belt and Road” initiative will have a more prosperous future.



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