“Bumblebee: the Movie” Exposed New Pictures, Debuting Sound Waves, Shock Waves and Optimus Prime

Fans of Transformers will be struck today, as Transformers‘ derived version “Bumblebee” has recently exposed two trailers (North American version and mainland version), showing a lot of new images that have never been exposed, with many new characters appearing. Each new character has such a brilliant appearance that will impress the fans. Let’s check the important information in the two versions of trailers:

1. A large number of classic characters debut. “Bumblebee” is a movie on the Bumblebee. The former director said that the story pattern will be relatively small, and there will not be too many characters of Transformers, mainly the Bumblebee plus the Antagonist – three Decepticons, as well as some classic characters as guest performers. In this new trailer, we finally saw some of the guest characters, not only Optimus Prime, Sonic, Shockwave, but also the members of the flying team, such as thundering, skyrocketing, and even the Transformers home cybertan. Most importantly, the characters on the Cybertron planet are basically designed according to the classic animated shape, so we see the loud waves streaming the robot dog from the chest:

The highly-restored Optimus Prime and Shockwave,


The Cybertron battling scene in the trailer is simply the scene of the fans’ dreams. Although this reminiscence piece is definitely the most magnificent and most inspiring scene of the film, it should not take too long. After all, the film budget is not high. It is very time-consuming and costly to create a character like Transformers. The effects are not so detailed, similar to the Transformers game promo, but the win is strong.

In addition to these pre-announcements, the rumors of the role of the guest in the film are Megatron, roadblocks, hot breaks, flying over the mountains and other classic characters.

2, the three changes to the King Kong transformation scene for the first time exposure.

The two main villains in the film, “Crush (Red)” and “Bounce Ball (Blue)”, have long been officially confirmed to be the three-faced King Kong character, and this preview has not only a large number of new lenses, but also the final Exposing the scenes of the three changes, we can see that the smashing and rebounding ball descended into the ground from the air in the form of warplanes and helicopters, and then transformed into a car, and then transformed into a robot form.

The three changed King Kong appeared in the previous movie (the car drifts), but this time the deformation of the three forms of the lens is still the first time, how can it not be exciting.

3, lightning full shape exposure.

The deformation process and complete shape of the lightning as one of the three main character villains are further demonstrated, but the lightning-marking tank gun barrel does not appear. Is this lightning-like lightning spider not a three-dimensional diamond (classical animation lightning) Is a typical three-changing King Kong, can change the tank, but also change the fighter))? Or is the vehicle form changed to another shape?

4. The main line of the story is clearer and more scenes of the war are exposed.

These two previews show a clearer storyline than the previous advance notice. The film tells the story of the damage caused by the lightning-damaged bumblebee memory chip, the encounter with the little girl Charlie and the adventure. Some of the notices are interesting. The place where the Decepticons cooperated with the human army in the process of pursuing the bumblebee, so the role played by John Senna was mostly aimed at catching the bumblebee’s villains.

On the other hand, the Decepticons smashed that there was a big battle on Cybertron. There were many Decepticons in the pictures displayed in the notice, but only Optimus Prime himself was playing against it. Where are the other Autobots? What?

Another point, lightning grabbed the bumblebee and first asked him “Where is Optimus Prime”, then where is Optimus Prime going? The bumblebee will flow to the earth, will Optimus Prime be on the earth, will his real body appear in the film and help the bumblebee?

In short, the film “Hornet” is getting more and more expecting. The official positioning of the film is also vague. Some people say that the film is reinvented and abandoned the previous Michael Pie version of the five-part series. Setting, some people say that this movie is a “soft restart”, the film only abandoned 2, 3, 4, 5 movie settings, and will be partially related to the 2007 “Transformers 1” plot. In short, only when the film is released will you know. “Hornet” is scheduled to be released on December 21 this year.




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