Bullet Casters gives a new twist to the shoot’em up genre

Last Credit Games is happy to announce officially the development of their first game Bullet Casters! Inspired by the bullet hell shoot’em up sub genre from Cave or the Touhou project, Bullet Casters is an ode to projectile avoidance, bringing alongside a classic challenge mode a pretty original two player versus option!

Players are invited to download a free demo and try the game during the Steam Fest (Feb 21 – 28)!

Bullet Casters takes you on a journey where knowing your character hitbox is key to your success! Follow your enemies’ projectile pattern and collect the stars required to unlock new levels. Or compete with a second player in a revolutionary attack/defense concept!

“We want to create a Shoot ’em Up that anyone can easily pick up and play with their friends, even if they are new to the genre, or where Bullet Hell veterans can face off in heated competitions. Of course there will be plenty of single-player content too: the Challenge Mode will contain around 60 levels and feature intense boss fights” Says Enrico Consiglio, Last Credit Games Director.

About Bullet Casters


Duel Mode

Face off against your friends in epic bullet battles, where agility is the key to success! That, or your friend just spawns waaaaay too many monsters Tower Defense style… there are several creatures that the defender can mix and match to create maximum bullet overload.

Challenge Mode

Embark with one of the four character and test your reflexes & dodge skills as you take on a series of gradually demanding levels and monsters. Completing these challenges rewards you with new units for Duel Mode.

Do you think you have what it takes to survive this challenging fantasy bullet hell?

Find the game on Steam following this link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1838490/Bullet_Casters/

About Last Credit Games

Coconzilla and Rokman are on a quest to write the best possible love letter to the shoot’em up genre fans and nothing can stop them! Twitter, Facebook, Discord.

About Aurora Punks

Aurora Punks is a collective of independent micro studios collaborating on brilliant games, from ideation to release. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Find the game on Steam following this link:




Source: XOGO Consulting

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