Brand New Kids Comedy Animation TV Series, “Captain BAL” strikes Cannes!

Flying Ship Studio, Inc. is a CG video production company that works on a wide variety of projects, including television and theatrical-length animations, commercials, promotional videos, music videos, in-game movies for video games, and children’s animation. The company works in a wide variety of artistic genres, from cel-like 3D anime, to storybook-style computer graphic to full CG video using Vrays and other rendering technology.

Flying Ship Studio, one of the top Tokyo based animation Studio, comes to MIPCOM with our latest comedy animation TV series for 5-9 kids, “Captain BAL”.

It tells a comedy following a young pirate and his humorous crew carrying out their hard but hilarious piratical life. They hijack ships and get entangled in funny situations. Despite the young pirate’s efforts, he never gets what he wants – just what he needs!

Flying Ship Studio has just finished the first 2 episodes for coming MIPCOM for screening!

We would like to meet broadcasters, distributors to discuss over the pre-sales of “Captain BAL”. We plan 13 X 11 minutes for the first season and open to discuss to produce more episodes.

Source:lying Ship Studio,Inc

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