Blues Clues is Back With New Episodes and Feature Film

Blues Clues is Back With New Episodes and Feature Film

Blue’s Clues & You! is reuniting with an old friend. Longtime Blue’s Clues star Steve Burns returns for a new episode The Case of the Missing Thinking Chair , putting on his detective’s hat to solve a mystery with Blue and current series star Josh Dela Cruz. The Paramount+ original film premiered last November on the streaming platform featuring all-new songs and choreography, as well as celebrity appearances from BD Wong, Ali Stroker, Taboo, Alex Winter, Phillipa Soo and Steven Pasquale.The movie follows Josh Dela Cruz and Blue as they audition for Rainbow Puppy’s Broadway musical, in New York City.

Meanwhile, Nickelodeon is also debuting new content for the popular Blue’s Clue’s children’s entertainment franchise.

The content includes a brand-new episode called The Case of the Missing Thinking Chair for the Blue’s Clues & You! TV series and the TV debut of the Paramount+ original movie Blue’s Big City Adventure.

The Case of the Missing Thinking Chair was premiered May 26 on Nickelodeon.The feature-length Paramount+ musical, Blue’s Big City Adventure, was debuted on Nickelodeon on May 29.

The movie and episode both include appearances from all three Blue’s Clues hosts, Josh Dela Cruz, Steve Burns and Donovan Patton.

Blue’s Big City Adventure initially launched on the Paramount+ streaming platform last November. It features original songs and choreography along with special appearances from BD Wong, Alex Winter, Phillipa Soo, Steven Pasquale and more.

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