Blue Arc



Blue Arc is a professional animation company, dedicated to designing, producing and commercial operation of high-quality original contents.

*Founded in 2003, BlueArc’s library now has well over 51,000 min animated episodes.

*Hundreds of patented character images applicable for licensing.

*10 big lines of best-in-class animated IP, 12 series of 3D animation properties, multiple animated films.



A child-created animation about dreams, friendship, togetherness and a brighter future.Cooperated project by Finland and China, mixed the world-leading early childhood education concept in Finland. Season 1 has been broadcast in over 30 countries worldwide, listed the finalist for MipJunior Kid’s Jury and MipCOM Global Licensing. Season 2 is under development and is expected to meet its fans in Spring 2019.

Star Babies

Five cute baby students at The Star Dream School learn to cultivate good virtues by overcoming difficulties and personal weaknesses. Takes children 1 to 5 years old on an imaginative journey of discovery and understanding.


Fruity Robo TV series

The original fantastic concept featuring fruits and cool mecha robots. Total 4 seasons had been launched with strong rating of 3 billion views across all new media platform in China.


Happy Q-Bot TV series

Original live action + CG 3D animation, Happy Q-Bot showcases a fictitious high-techology world co-inhabited by robots and humans. Currently total 3 season have been launched, the latest season Happy Q-Bot 3 is now being broadcast on mainstream Kid’s TV and online platform in China with a strong rating.


Super Orcs

Ultimate action-packed, sci-fi action web series featured the boldest attempt for religion versus science.


Kibaoh Klashers

An animated series tells about a young beetle Dylan and his friends Hailey and Ollie team up to compete against tough opponents in the exciting, high-octane sport of Battle Blading. It was launched on Netflix around the world in 2017.


Fantasy Westward Journey

3D animation series adapted by the most popular online game in China, both inspired by the Chinese Four Masters’ Works, Journey to the West.

Dragon Force

Dragon Force includes 3D animation series and big movie. The story tells about 5 elite regimental police are called on to implement the mission of uncover the secret of energy vanishing.

Dragon Force: So Long Ultraman! Movie

Classic IP with modern innovative elements. The movie accounted top 3 of Chinese national day holidays box office revenue in past 6 years.

Fruity Robo: The Great Escape Movie

The endearing specials remind us that being with family, friends and the one you love is the greatest gift of all.

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