Blair Witch Camp Puzzle Guide – How to Solve, Police Toy Car

In this Blair Witch Camp Puzzle Guide, we will show you what you need to do in the early stages of the game when you come across an abandoned camp. This is the introduction of the game that shows you how you can use the red tapes for things to appear, doors to unlock, etc.


Since this is a basic puzzle, you will not need to solve anything tricky in this area. However, it is best to get an understanding of how things work in the game, how you need to find Red Tapes and use them to progress in the story of the game.

Blair Witch Camp Puzzle Guide

Below we have detailed what you need to do when you reach the abandoned camp.

How to Complete

When you reach the abandoned camp, you will find some items that are clues next to the tent. Nearby, you will find a camcorder that you need to pick up. This is the most important thing in the game and the one that allows you to progress in the game.

The camcorder will contain “The Clue” red tape inside that you need to watch. Play the video, and you will see the campfire, and a boy playing with a toy car. Pause at the 00:05 mark and you will hear the toy car in nearby. From this point, you will understand that the camcorder and the red tapes allow you to locate important clues.

Now head to the toy car and pick it up. To progress further in the game, use the toy car to find more clues. This can be done by using Bullet to pick up the scent from the toy car and following Bullet in the forest to locate the source.

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This concludes our Blair Witch Camp Puzzle Guide.


By:Salik Shah

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