Batman Spawn: The Comic Book Crossover Years in the Making

Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo tell Den of Geek what it’s like reuniting for their comics crossover 16 years in the making.

Batman and Spawn go toe to toe once again within the new releases from DC Comics.

The latest version is the special one-shot Batman/Spawn #1, written by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane and illustrated by Greg Capullo, an artist who has worked on both Batman and Spawn in the past. Batman/Spawn will be the third comic book crossover starring the two heroes, arriving almost three decades after the previous Spawn/Batman and Batman/Spawn: War Devil, stories collected in the graphic novel Batman/Spawn: The Classic Collection now on sale. In their new shared special, Batman and Spawn will be pitted against one another by the Court of Owls, and have to face the Court’s “Cosmic Talon” together.

Batman Spawn, out Dec. 13, sees villainous Gotham City secret society, the Court of Owls, using Spawn as a weapon in their war against Batman. It’s safe to say this isn’t how the story was conceived when this crossover was first announced. Mostly because the Court of Owls didn’t exist yet.

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