‘Barbie’ is Warner Bros.’ highest-grossing global release ever

Warner Bros. has swapped its wands for pink heels.

Summer smash“Barbie” is now the highest-grossing movie at the domestic box office this year, taking the crown away from “Super Mario Bros.”

According to studio estimates, “Barbie” has made $575.4 million at the American box office by end of Aug, edging past Mario’s domestic haul of $574.2 million.

The highest-grossing film of all time is “Avatar,” which took in $2.9 billion globally, according to Box Office Mojo. It was produced by 20th Century Fox and debuted in 2009. The Avatar franchise is now owned by Disney.

It’s likely that “Barbie,” based on the iconic doll, will officially snatch the title from the video game adaptation, “Super Mario Bros.”

“Barbie’s” run to the top was faster than “Mario’s,” reaching the record-breaking title in only 34 days since its release. It took Mario, Luigi and the gang 138 days to cross the $574.2 million benchmark in the United States.

Since premiering July 21, “Barbie” has broken numerous records. The film made $155 million domestically in its opening weekend, marking the largest opening weekend of the year and the biggest-ever debut for a female director. In the weeks to follow, it also was crowned Warner Bros. Discovery’s highest-grossing domestic release, beating the former title holder, the 2008 blockbuster, “The Dark Knight.”Now, with the foreign boxoffice, it reaches $745.5 million

“Barbie” and “Blue Beetle” are distributed by CNN’s parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery.

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