Annecy Festival to help Indian animation industry gain global exposure through AniMela

Launched on 9 February 2023 by Aniverse and Visual Arts Foundation (AVF) in partnership with Annecy Festival, AniMela will be India’s first-ever international festivalfor animation, VFX, XR, gaming and comics  and will provide a platform for Indian talent in the animation, visual effects, gaming and comics (AVGC-XR) industry to showcase their work and network with international professionals.

The three-day festival is set to take place in Mumbai in November 2023

Annecy Festival CEO Mickaël Marin expects from AVF and AniMela: “We see immense potential in India not just in providing back-end support to the large studios in the West but in creating a lot of original content that is completely homegrown. There is no dearth of talent in India, it just needs to be showcased and given a larger audience. With AniMela we see that happening.As we live in a world surrounded by negativity, we need light and positivity which comes from pictures and arts; and we want people to share their vision and passion with the world.”

In Marin’s opinion, the Indian animation industry is moving up constantly and at Annecy, they are seeing more original content with diversity of formats – short form, student films, feature and others. Marin says that Indian content is doing well in almost all the formats. He further mentions, “Indian animation will now work on two legs –production services and creation of original content.”

Veronique Encrenaz, head of the International Animation Film Market (MIFA), said: “We see a lot of creativity and technological knowhow in Indian animators. They are making content that is at par with any developed country in the world. This initiative will help in the exchange of ideas and thus provide growth to aspirants in the industry.”

Director of AVAF, Kireet Khurana, who also directed animation-live action blend film “Toonpur Ka Superhero,” said: “Today India’s contribution to the global AVGC-XR sector is a mere 0.5%. The global AVGC-XR sector stands at $800 billion. India has an immense potential to increase the share in this pie as we have world-class talent present within the country.”

AniMela is also supported by Frameboxx 2.0, Assemblage, Anibrain, Paperboat India, Greengold, 88 Pictures, NurnbergMesse India, Whistling Woods International, Indus Club, Hueman Creatives, Animator Festival- Poland, 360X Dubai, Kalaghoda Arts Festival, Amar Chitra Katha, Tulsea, Animation Express, French Consul General in Mumbai and French Institute in India and Media & Entertainment Skills Council.

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