Animation! Work in favor of Latin American Animation to Create Cooperation Bonds

Animation! WIPs by Annecy is an exclusive program of upcoming animated feature films curated by the Annecy International Animation Festival and its market (MIFA). Animation! work in favor of Latin American animation to create cooperation bonds, promote regional talent globally and facilitate tools for professionals from the community allowing them to improve their abilities. Animation! offers participants a wide variety of activities aimed at the animation industry.Once again the selection is extended to Ibero America, including films from Spain and Portugal among the features in the program. 


Pitch of feature film and series projects in development looking for strategic partners to complete their finance plan and be carried out.. In a special partnership with the MIFA market at Annecy Animation Festival, Latin American series and feature film projects in development were selected. Discover the selected projects that will be featured in Animation! Ventana Sur 2021. At the same time, the Mentoring Program for Women Creators was launched in 2020.


Here below are the projects from Spain and Portugal


Peru (Red Animation Studio)

DIR: Milton Guerrero

PROD: Rita Street, Marie Castañeda


Colombia (Len – Felicitá Movies – Planet 141)

DIR: Joan Millán – Manuel Victoria

PROPROD: Julián Londoño Navarro


Brazil (Anaya Produções Culturais) – Peru (Apus)

DIR: Tania Anaya

PROD: Tatiana Mitre – Gabriel Bonilla



Portugal (Sardinha em Lata) – France (Midralgar) – Spain (Caretos)

DIR: Nuno Beato

PROD: Nuno Beato – Diogo Carvalho – Carlos Juárez – Xosé Zapata – Emmanuel Quillet



Brazil (Buriti Filmes – Sony Pictures – Globo Filmes – Gloob)

DIR: Alê Abreu

PROD: Laís Bodanzky – Luiz Bolognesi – Ernesto Soto Canny

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