Animation Film on Peculiar Stone – “shi li shan he” Launches the Project

On September 24th, “Ji Shi (hour) has arrived at the 6th Anniversary Birthday Celebration and Kistler’s original animated film “Shijieshan River” project kick-off ceremony officially kicked off in Beijing Garden Boyuan Kistler Park, which evolved from “Ji Shi” The image of the Chinese dragon was officially unveiled.

At the event, many calligraphers from the Beijing Calligraphers Association and the Fengtai Calligraphers Association shared the theme of “Shijieshan River” and “Auspicious Chinese Dragon”. Li Jianzhong, deputy director of Beijing Aerospace Long March Science and Technology Information Research Institute, said at the launching ceremony that the original animated film produced by China Aerospace Science and Technology team made a new interpretation of Chinese stone culture through animation technology. It was a bold Chinese original animation. Innovation is a step in the stone culture that has taken a thousand years.

It is understood that the animated image and scenes appearing in Kistler’s original animated film “Ishigakiyama River” are designed with Kistler as the inspiration source. From small character costumes to film scenes, the ingenious blending of Kistler elements can be seen everywhere. While enriching the connotation of the film, the Chinese culture of stone appreciation, which has been inherited for thousands of years, was put on the big screen, telling the audience the legendary story behind the strange stone. Hou Kangyi, a famous stone scholar, said with excitement, “This is a leap from the static to the dynamic of Chinese stone culture, which has made countless love stone people happy.”

According to Li Xiaojuan, the chairman of Beijing Wanping Yiyi Culture and Art Exchange Center Co., Ltd., the film tells the public an ecological theme story, and promotes the ecological concept of “green life, beautiful homeland”, and actively cooperates with the national key ecology. The theme conference – 2019 China Beijing World Horticultural Exposition, while promoting the development of regional cultural science and technology tourism, is a rare cultural and creative industry project with film culture as the leader.


Source: People’s Network

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