Animated Short Film Thistle One Goes Live Today

Thistle One
Thistle One Was Created Using the Artella Production Management Platform

Emeryville, CA, March 5, 2019 — Independent animated short film, Thistle One, is available immediately online for viewing. See it on The CG Brothers Channel on Youtube. The animated short film is an independent collaboration created with people from all over the world through the creative production management platform, Artella.

How The Short Film Was Created

The Director of Thistle One, and Artella CEO, Bobby Beck collaborated with 54 independent artists from 21 countries. They created the two-and-a-half-minute short film by collaborating globally with artists who were never together in the same room. Most of the artists weren’t even in the same time zone.

“We made Thistle One because we want to tell different types of stories in this medium. We believe audiences are ready to see other styles and sensibilities in animation. The fact that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse won the Academy Award is proof of it.” says Beck.

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Not even language was a barrier as proven by Previs Artist and Animation Supervisor, “Boa” Tikumporn Teepapal, who is based in Thailand. He collaborated through an interpreter to lead the animation team. He created a dynamic visual style and was able to give detailed feedback to the animators using review tools built directly into the platform.

“It was easy for me to log in on my time and give feedback that the others could review when they woke up on the other side of the world,” Said Boa.

“I really feel like we were pioneering something new and incredibly exciting,” Said CG Supervisor Max Pickl, from Austria.

Why Artella Supports Filmmakers Globally

Bobby Beck and his partners created Artella with the goal of enabling creative collaboration by breaking down the traditional barriers of time, geography and lack of infrastructure that face most independent filmmakers.  By overcoming those barriers, they are helping filmmakers focus on the art and craft of filmmaking without getting bogged down in the technical details. The platform integrates with user’s existing software applications and provides file management, review and task management tools to organize and streamline the work in real-time.

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Watch Now

The film is available immediately online for people to view on The CG Brothers channel.

Artella — Where Creative Work Happens (TM)

Artella is a visual project management platform bringing file management, tasks, and media collaboration together in one simple place for creative teams and organizations. It’s designed for art directors, animators, and production managers to manage the daily work of creating projects. Artella is currently being used with small and large creative organizations. It plugs directly into existing pipelines and works with existing software tools.

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Source:Artella Beta

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