Animated Series “Rabbits Invasion” will be Launched in more Asian Markets

“Crazy Rabbit: Invasion” was developed by the interior of the Ubisoft studio in Paris. The fourth season of the series is currently being broadcast on France’s France Télévisions. The fourth season of “Crazy Rabbit: Invasion” will be launched on the video sites Netflix and iQiyi. By then, Crazy Rabbit will bring the most humorous and weird stories to the audience around the world and China.

Ubisoft announced that it will bring a humorous series of crazy “Crazy Rabbit: Invasion” to audiences in many parts of Asia, in addition to CCTV and iQiyi, including TV Tokyo and Disney XD. The broadcast company including Japan also signed a broadcast contract for the animation.

At the same time, Ubisoft also announced that “Crazy Rabbit: Invasion” has become the number one watched and highest rated children’s program on the Chinese TV platform. As of the end of this summer, the animation has seen more than 2 billion in China’s major digital platforms.

“Crazy Rabbit: Invasion is our first entry into the field of animation. We are very happy that it has resonated among many audiences and has also achieved success in the international market,” said Hélène Juguet, General Manager, Paris Ubisoft Studios. Said. “Crazy Rabbit: Invasion is a series of animations that are easy to adapt to different markets and audiences, and also attract partners we are working with to launch this work in more new regions.”

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