Animated film “Smallfoot” Set on October 19th

Staging poster

The Hollywood fantasy animation animated film “Snow Monster Adventure” exposure poster and trailer, announced that it will be released on October 19th in the country! Let the cute snow monsters join hands with the “Little Feet” human beings to start a happy adventure! In the preview of this exposure, humans and snow monsters have produced various contrast misunderstandings due to different languages, body types and living environment. The two races are afraid of each other. The journey of “breaking ice”, which is gradually inclusive, is warm and full of joy. The warm and hilarious atmosphere of the whole animation makes it the first choice for the early autumn theater.

Human little feet become snow monsters “VIP” Large snow monsters visit the human world

It is reported that the idea of ​​”Snow Monster Adventure” comes from the mysterious snow monster legend of Mount Everest. The film has sensationalized the snow monsters in the imagination. Although the size is as strong as the snow-capped mountains, the long snow white fluff and the vivid and interesting expressions make them look like they are stunned. In addition to the sculpt of the shape, the contrast between the snowman and the human world in the film is also ingenious. In the preview of this exposure, the discussion between human Posey and his partner about “there is no snow monster in the world” has just fallen, and the snow monster rice fruit dubbed by “money boss” Channing Tatum is surprised. But the huge contrast between the two languages ​​and the different language and body shape surprised the surprise moment. Afterwards, Posey entered the world of snow monsters at the top of the snow-capped mountains under the leadership of Miguo. The shape of Bosi mini, small clothes, chic language, and even brightly colored socks made the snow monsters open their eyes and filled the human world. Longing for. In the notice, the snow monsters seem to be able to make up their wishes and enter the human world. Its huge body shape is running in the narrow streets of the human world, constantly smashing the plot of the street lights, it is even more unbearable. Among them, Snowy Mickey glimpsed the inflatable giant welcome doll in the human world, and a lively and friendly “尬 dance” is even more cute.



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