The Animated Film “Police Car Union” will Premiere on Dec. 30th Nationwide

To be released on December 30th, the city adventure animated film Police Car Union  tells an interesting, thrilling and novel police car story.

With the theme of safety education, the film integrates education into the amusing stories, guiding children to enhance safety awareness, which benefits the growth of children.

For parents, safety education of their kids is extremely important, yet kids tend to reject the boring safety lessons at school, saying “I don’t understand”, “I don’t understand”, “I don’t want to listen” and so on. Thinking of this, I am upset when going to work. With the concept of “safety education”, Police Car Union promotes safety education with animation, so that children can learn safety knowledge in entertainment.

The animated film Police Car Union assembles adorable cars for the first time. In addition to police cars Xiaozhi, Xiaoyan, Dudu and Dalei, there are impressive images like the sports car family, the policeman vintage car, etc. Such a rich role set in which the police car is the image of an adorable pet has greatly increased the fun of the film, making the audience full of expectations.

After experiencing fires, traffic accidents, and chasing cars, the police cars teamed up. What kind of urban adventures will Xiaozhi and his friends take? How does Dr. X, the manipulating villain behind the scenes relate with the missing father? The audience will know the answer after watching the film.

The most adorable car animated film Police Car Union will be released nationwide on December 30th.



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