An Encounter of All Things Beautiful: The Cinematic Reboot of the Timeless Classic “Castle In The Sky”

Directed by renowned Japanese animated film-maker Hayao Miyazaki, “Castle In The Sky” is officially scheduled for national release on June 1, Children’s Day.

“Castle In The Sky” tells the story of young boy Pazu and young girl Sheeta searching for the legendary Castle In The Sky. In the poster of “Encounter Beauty” released on this occasion, a metal hand probes from the vast sea of clouds. Suspended in the air through her magical stone pendant, the girl Sheeta meets the metal hand with her touch, triggering the sprouting of green grass and flowers on the metal fingers. The mechanical coldness and hardness of destruction is thus blanketed by the beauty of nature. This scene with strong visual impact and imagination adds more reverie to the legendary mysterious sky city.

As Studio Ghibli’s first feature-length animated film, “Castle In The Sky” is full of infectious energy, in terms of both story themes and audiovisuals. As Miyazaki said in the original project of “Castle In The Sky”, “The film’s messages of devotion to others, friendship and the spirit of persevering in faith, braving forward and realizing ones ideals are the very common language that can move modern audiences.”

When the music composed by Hisaishi plays, the familiar melody seems to contain an infinite yearning for the sky, a fervent longing for beauty, and a warm soothing of the soul, moving the audience who have listened to this song for an unknown number of times before once again. The courage of Pazu and Hida, striving to pursue the most beautiful dream in their hearts, allows people to draw connections with their own lives and receive spiritual healing. A movie such as “Castle In The Sky” is perhaps what audiences need most at the moment, and it is worth immersing yourself in the big screen.

In Hayao Miyazaki’s animation career, “Castle In The Sky” is definitely a noteworthy milestone. Not only because it is the first work of Studio Ghibli, which, through its success signaled the rise of an oriental animation kingdom; but also because it is the manifestation of a dream of Miyazaki’s from his childhood. Miyazaki Hayao, who loves flying machines all his life, gives full play to his imagination in “Castle In The Sky”, and eventually sends the young Pazu and the young girl Sheeta to the top of the clouds, arriving at Laputa, the land of dreams. This persistent pursuit of dreams is the classic theme of Miyazaki’s stories, the absolute theme of Miyazaki’s life, and the eternal theme that Miyazaki hopes to pass on to all children and those who used to be children with his art.

Miyazaki’s unique color scheme has also enchanted countless viewers. More than thirty years ago, when animation could only be produced on “35mm film”, which was prone to color degradation, film colors could not be consistently rendered on the big screen. Now, with the help of new technology, we can finally witness the perfect state of “Miyazaki style” aesthetics.



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