Amazon Likely to Cooperate with Hollywood Major Film Companies to Create Original Movies

At present, Amazon has conducted tentative negotiations with major Hollywood studios and initiated preliminary discussions on its streaming media service developing film. According to sources, the negotiations are still in their infancy and no agreement has been reached, yet Amazon is looking for opportunities to leverage the IP of existing large companies.

It is said that Amazon hopes to replicate the success of Paramount – Paramount was initially responsible for the release of the film The Cloverfield Paradox, which was later sold to Amazon’s competitor Netflix. Netflix released its trailer on this year’s Super Bowl, announcing that the film will be screened after the game is over. This unprecedented practice has sparked heated discussions with a considerable amount of viewings.

At present, there is fierce competition in the streaming media industry. Disney will launch its own streaming media service in 2019 to compete with streaming media giants such as Netflix.



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