AIB shipments climb in Q2 2023

AIB shipments climb in Q2 2023, with unit sales increasing from quarter to quarter

Quarter to quarter, graphics add-in board shipments increased by almost 3% in Q2’23, yet decreased by 36% year to year.

According to a new research report from the analyst firm Jon Peddie Research (JPR), unit shipments in the add-in board (AIB) market increased in Q2’23 from last quarter, while AMD gained market share. Quarter to quarter, graphics AIB shipments increased modestly, by 2.9%; however, shipments decreased by -36% year to year.

Since Q1 2000, over 2.10 billion graphics cards, worth about $476 billion, have been sold.

The market shares for the desktop discrete GPU suppliers shifted in the quarter, as AMD’s market share increased from last quarter and Nvidia’s share increased from last year. Intel, which entered the AIB market in Q3’22 with the Arc A770 and A750, will start to increase market share in 2024.

Market share changes quarter to quarter and year to year.

Quick highlights

JPR found that AIB shipments during the quarter increased from the last quarter by 2.9%, which is above the 10-year average of -9.7%.

Total AIB shipments decreased by -36.3% from this quarter last year to 6.4 million units, yet were up from 6.26 million units last quarter.

AMD’s quarter-to-quarter total desktop AIB unit shipments increased 46.8% from quarter to quarter and decreased -48.7% from last year.

Nvidia’s quarter-to-quarter unit shipments decreased -1.4% and decreased -34.8% from the previous year. Nvidia continues to hold a dominant market share position at 80.2%.

“The robustness of the second quarter was better than forecasted as the older inventory seems to be finally cleared out and some board suppliers were offering lower prices. The demand shows that the AIB market is still very healthy and vibrant. New games, most noteworthy being Starfield, stimulate demand for new boards that can exploit all the richness of these games. Q3 looks like it too will be up; this is very encouraging for the PC industry in general,” said Dr. Jon Peddie, president of JPR.

  1. Robert Dow, analyst at JPR, noted, “Q2’23 provided us with indications that this market is finally stabilizing. Nvidia’s gaming revenue was up 22% from a year ago, and AMD expects
    gaming revenue to rebound in the second half of 2023. Nvidia introduced the RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 4060 midrange boards, with AMD set to release midrange versions of its 7000 series. The midrange segment is historically the most popular with gamers, so we should see good numbers for the rest of 2023.”

JPR has been tracking AIB shipments quarterly since 1987—the volume of those boards peaked in 1998, reaching 116 million units. The AIB market reached $19,407.2 million in the last four quarters. We forecast the AIB market to grow by 7% over the next three years.

Pricing and availability

Jon Peddie Research’s AIB Report is now available and sells for $3,000. The annual subscription price for JPR’s AIB Report is $6,000 and includes four quarterly issues and four hours of consulting. Subscribers to JPR’s TechWatch are eligible for a 10% discount. Bundled packages are also available. For information about purchasing the AIB Report, please call (415) 435-9368 or visit the Jon Peddie Research website at

About Jon Peddie Research

Jon Peddie Research has been active in the graphics and multimedia fields for more than 30 years. JPR is a technically oriented multimedia and graphics research and consulting firm. Based in Tiburon, California, JPR provides consulting, research, and other specialized services to technology companies in a variety of fields including, graphics development, multimedia for professional applications and consumer electronics, high-end computing, and Internet-access product development. JPR’s Market Watch is a quarterly report focused on PC graphics controllers’ market activity for notebook and desktop computing.



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