AI-generated fashion drives design ideas and boosts creativity

In the past few months, Artificial Intelligence (AI) generation technology has become increasingly popular and more widely explored in the fashion industry. The popularity of AI technology has promoted the ideas and stimulated the creativity of many creative professionals, and AI creation techniques are now widely used to assist or  lead visual creativity.

Not long ago, the AI-generated collaboration between Simone Rocha x sports brand created by @ai_clothingdaily, the most convincing “AI fashion account” on social media, went viral.

Not only because it was a partnership that could happen in real life, but the shoes created were truly impressive, with even pioneering gamers and fashion bloggers asking where they could buy the shoes.

Another recent example of ‘generation’ is the Tiffany & Co. x sports brand’s shoe launch, where a group of AI artists on Twitter got creative and imagined the look of the highly anticipated shoe prior to its release.

More and more AI participate in the creation of works that can be defined as “the art of artificial intelligence”, with AI generating a series of Batman images based on the pioneering costumes designed by Rick Owens, playing a designer-like role in the creation process.

Along with the trend of a series of tags with the -core suffix, creator Alessandra Minto unveiled her own AI-generated sports ballet collection under the concept of “Balletcore”.

Bold creativity and sophisticated technology give aesthetic prominence, not only in terms of technical influence, but also in terms of visual style and innovation of mindset.

AI-generated home appliances for fashion and luxury brands present AI’s creative blend of the brand’s iconic identity, and the resulting work is still astonishing.

For many, AI is seen as a shortcut to creativity. Is the rise and presence of AI technology in fashion degrading traditional design methods?

AI technology is an inevitable part of fashion’s future, and perhaps we need to learn how to coexist and find a balance between respecting the work of traditional artisans and being open to the frontiers of new technology.

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