ADK Emotions NY Inc and T-Licensing Inc Announce Global Launch of New ‘Beyblade X’ Series

ADK Emotions NY Inc and T-Licensing Inc Announce Global Launch of New ‘Beyblade X’ Series During 25th Anniversary

On National Beyblade, also known as 3-2-1 Day, ADK Emotions NY Inc and T-Licensing Inc revealed the global launch of Beyblade X. After a successful premiere in Asian territories in 2023, Beyblade X will showcase new animation and exclusive experiences for Beyblade fans. Hasbro Inc., a long-standing partner, will release Generation 4 products worldwide later this year.

“Bey-fans around the world have embraced 3-2-1 Day, and this year, we’re especially thrilled to celebrate with the generations of fans, as we kick off our 25th anniversary,” said a representative from , ADK Emotions NY. “With the highly-anticipated U.S. launch of the Beyblade X animation series this summer, Bladers will be ready to battle like never before!”

Beyblade happenings in 2024 include the global launch of the Beyblade X animation series, which will premiere Summer 2024, the new toy line from Hasbro, which introduces the X-Celerator Rail gear innovation, allowing Tops to speed into high gear for explosive battles. In addition, Bey-fans can look forward to the expanded availability of Beyblade Park on Roblox, a digital community for Bladers to unite, and exclusive content across the brand’s social media channels.

Next Gen Toys and New Beyblade X Animation Become Available Globally

This summer, Bey-fans can experience the exhilarating thrill of the next generation of Beyblade toys, Beyblade X from Hasbro. Beyblade X offers Tops identical in weight, feel, and performance across Hasbro and Takara Tomy, along with additional Hasbro Tops that meet the same high standard. The new line features the Beyblade X Xtreme Battle Set, which is the perfect starter, packed with all you need to begin your quest for Beymastery and includes everything needed to play and compete: the Xtreme Beystadium arena, two right-spinning Tops, and two launchers with ripcords. Assemble your stadium and Tops, load your launcher, and 3-2-1, LET IT RIP!

The Xtreme Beystadium features the new X-Celerator Rail Gear System to level up your game. When the gears of the Top engage the stadium rail, the Top can super-accelerate into an Xtreme Dash, rocketing around the Battle Zone for breathtaking bursts and colossal crashes.

The three interchangeable blades, ratchets, and bit layers of Beyblade X Tops are easy to assemble and reassemble with a quick twist and two clicks, leaving you ready to launch into battle. Use the two launchers to unleash Tops in a frenzy of fury, or mix and match the interchangeable pieces of other Beyblade X Tops to create your custom Bey. Other Beyblade tops are sold separately, subject to availability.

Fans can also take Beyblade skills to the next level and compete in digital battles! Scan the code on Beyblade X Tops to battle in the Beyblade X app and unleash your Top in a virtual battle with other Bladers worldwide. The new toys will be available at Amazon, Target, Walmart and other major retailers this summer. For ages 8 years and up, MSRP $49.99, available Summer 2024.

Also launching this summer, the new Beyblade series will introduce new characters among the world-class animation that Beyblade pioneered 25 years ago.

Series synopsis: Amateur Blader Robin Kazami finds himself out of a team when he is ditched by his friends after a crushing defeat. Lucky for him, a chance encounter with former champ Jaxon Cross leads these two unlikely teammates to join forces. Jaxon intends to climb back to the top of The X under the alias “Blader X” and challenge his old teammate and current champ, Khrome Ryugu. When they find a third team member in mega-popular influencer Multi Nana-iro, the newly-formed Team Persona set their sights on going pro and claiming their spot at the top. Click here to watch the trailer:

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