Accelerating AI Model Inference at Scale for Financial Services

AI Transforms Financial Services

AI can help banks and insurance companies better detect and prevent payment fraud, as well as improve processes for anti-money-laundering and know-your-customer systems. Enable greater security, increase transparency, and create a better experience for both firms and customers with AI in payments.

Join NVIDA for a live webinar to learn how AI can deliver successful outcomes across top use cases, such as transaction fraud and contact-center automation. See how NVIDIA Triton Inference Server and the NVIDIA TensorRT SDK can help with easy deployment, running, and scaling of AI models. The conference will be held at at 9:00 a.m PT of June 14, 2023 and it will last for one hour.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How AI can solve common problems within contact centers and across use cases like fraud detection.
  • What accelerated inference means and how it can benefit modern-day inference pipelines across cloud and on premises.
  • The AI lifecycle benefits of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform and how to get started with NVIDIA’s inference solutions.

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