“ABOMINABLE“ a warm healing family story

“ABOMINABLE“ was coproduced by DreamWorks Animation SKG and Pearl Studio, a PRC JV.  DreamWorks has produced world grade 3D animation series like “Kung Fu Panda”,  “ How to Train Your Dragon“, “Magdagarsca”.  The whole core team of “ABOMINABLE” comes from DreamWorks, quality is guaranteed.

The narrative completion of “ABOMINABLE” is above the passing line, and the film’s biggest highlight is that the foreigners finally read China this time, no longer repeat the “hard fuse and weird chat” of Chinese and Western culture.  The movie’s scenes and art props are particularly close to real lives. This time, the Chinese voice actors include Zhang Zifeng, Chen Feiyu, Wanxi, Cai Ming and other big cast, some are popular, some are professional, can be warm, can be funny, the lineup is pretty safe.

The Story

A kind and rebellious girl learns about growing up, friendship, love and family in the process of sending snowman back to the Himalayas. The kind and rebellious 16-year-old girl, dreams of saving enough money to travel around China.  She wants to visit the Thousand Island Lake, Anhui Huangshan, Northwest Gobi, Shangri-La and Leshan Buddha. But her father’s death results in her relationship with her mother and grandmother getting strained.  She can only hide her travel plan at the bottom of her heart, never share with the family.

The snowman “Big Hair” caught by the evil scientist escapes from the lab and happens to be on the roof of the girl’s art house. Bad scientist Bo and Dr. Zara private desire is to reap fame and fortune from “Big Hair”.  Xiaoyi is kind and she wants to help the snowman gets back to the Himalayas home.  The “homeward bound” and “chase” is full of laugh, tears, and thrilling adventures.

In the process of escaping from the bad scientist, journeying together with neighbors A Jun and Peng Peng, the mutual caring with snowman “big hair”, Xiaoyi suddenly realizes the places she longed to go to are visited during the adventure.  Not only does she make her dream come true, she also solves the tangle on her mind due to her father’s death.  Xiaoyi finally no longer resents her mother and grandmother accepting the family’s missing part, she also gets more love and friendship.

Chinese Elements

“ABOMINABLE”‘s understanding of current China today is absolutely commendable, and Pearl Studio has played a key role. This understanding of China in fact provides better result to the movie than the narrative.

The actress, Xiaoyi, lives in a typical big city in China, but her family is just an ordinary family.  Xiaoyi, her mother, her grandmother, a family of three generations, and neighbors AJun, Peng Peng, all live in an ordinary residential building.  An undecorated corridor, small street stores, granny steamed buns … the scenes are extremely down to earth and realistic.  Most notably, DreamWorks 3D technology presents a fine restoration of China’s beauty.  In the film, the attractions in Xiaoyi’s private collection include Thousand Island Lake, Huangshan, Leshan Buddha and so on.  These places are perfectly presented by the production team.  Audiences who want to avoid crowded scenes, can well take this screen travel with Xiaoyi.

“ABOMINABLE” ‘s theme is “family”.  The story combines education and fun, perfectly completed, extremely suitable for children.  The movie allows children to feel family’s love through happy laughs, and also have the courage to overcome the frustration and helplessness from family loss.

In addition, the film also has large part of Xiaoyi’s playing violin. Music has become her exit releasing her inner tie with her father.  Children may fall for music lessons after watching these violin clips.  One shot achieves two benefit.  The film also gets McDonald’s IP cooperation.  Something that can be bought as McDonald’s copyright movies, sales should not be bad.


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