440Hz: Expands Services to Artists

440Hz: Expands Services to Artists and Signs Its 60th Client, Becoming the Go-To for Music Services in Visual Media

440Hz, a platform offering music services to audiovisual producers, continues to establish itself as a key player in the music industry by expanding its solutions to include artists, while celebrating the signing of its 60th client. Since its inception, 440Hz has  been  dedicated  to  providing  expertise  in  the  administrative  management  of  music rights  for  audiovisual  producers.  Over  time,  it  has  become  an  undisputed  specialist  in music services for this rapidly growing sector.

440Hz is emerging as the indispensable new toolbox for music in visual media.

Already recognized for its expertise in managing music rights for audiovisual media, 440Hz is now extending its services to artists, particularly those involved in music for visual media, thus opening up exciting creative opportunities. Among them, 440Hz counts names such as Mathieu  Lamboley,  David  Sztanke,  Sinclair,  Adrien Durand (Bon Voyage Organisation), the duo Kirosen, and many others.

In   addition   to    its   traditional    services,   the    company   is    also   venturing    into   music synchronization,  regularly  collaborating  with  major  brands such as  L’Oréal,  Lancôme, and Azzaro  for  large-scale  advertising  campaigns.  With  a  diverse  and  rich  catalog,  including creations from all its partners, whether they are producers, publishers, labels, or artists, this approach provides artists with increased visibility and broadens their creative opportunities within the dynamic world of the music industry.

Charles  Braud,  General  Manager  of  440Hz,  comments:  “At 440Hz,  we  are determined to broaden the horizons of artists while reinforcing their essential role in the dynamic universe of music services dedicated to audiovisual production. Our commitment to fostering artistic creativity and providing cutting-edge music management solutions remains at the heart of our mission.”

A Company Boasting 60 Management Partnerships in Just Three Years

Launched in 2020, 440Hz is a multi-service platform offering solutions for the management and   optimization   of   music    rights,   financing,   synchronization,   music   supervision,   and executive   production.    Its    mission   is    to   assist    audiovisual   producers   in   the    proper

management  of their  music  rights,  combining a unique in-house developed tracking tool, extensive industry knowledge, an international network of select partners, and financing for original music.

Today, 440Hz is proud to offer editorial management to the following production companies:

  •   Audiovisual Groups:Mediawan,Bonne Pioche, Superprod
  •   Cinema: AlbertineProductions,Récifilms, Atelier de Production
  •   Animation: ToonFactory,La Cabane Productions, Vivement Lundi, Bobby Prod
  • Documentary: Gédéon,Program 33
  •   TVFiction:Storia TV, Big Band Story
  •   Composers’ Catalog:MathieuLamboley (Minuscule, Lupin), Sinclair, Adrien Durand, Alba Musique, Kirosen, and more.

Among the prestigious clients of 440Hz in executive production and music supervision are entertainment industry giants such as Netflix, Disney+, and HBO.

About 440Hz:

Launched in 2020, 440Hz is a multi-service platform dedicated to the management of music rights,   synchronization,    production,    and    music    supervision.    Recognizing   that   every audiovisual   producer   becomes  a  user  and  holder  of  music  rights  without  necessarily knowing   how  to  secure  and  enhance  them,  the  platform  offers  a  one-stop-shop  for tailor-made  services  to  address  all their  musical issues:  management and optimization of musical   publishing   rights,   financing   of   original    music,   soundtrack   release,   executive production, music supervision, and rights clearance.

For more information, visithttp://weare440.com/

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