3D Animated Film “Eight Immortals” Released its First Trailer

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Today, the first episode of Guo Man’s new work “Eight Immortals”, which was adapted from the classic Chinese folklore “Eight Legends of the Eight Immortals”, was released. The episode of the audience’s appetite was finally exposed, and the film’s “new Chinese style” pursued in style and visuals. The concept of creation is also revealed through this notice. Earlier, the film has announced that it will open paintings nationwide on October 20.

The battlefield is beginning to declassify the plot

A few days ago, the film “Eight Immortals” released two conceptual posters of different contents, with the theme of “the fairy demon” and “the jade world”, which brought out the basic plot of the film, and the authentic oriental element concept. . More viewers and industry insiders unanimously stated that “Eight Immortals” is a concept supplement and visual renaming of domestic animated films, which is worth looking forward to.

After releasing two quality posters in succession, the film finally officially exposed the first notice of “Eight Immortals” today, and passed the video to the audience through visual images, so that the latter has a clearer feeling about the story concept and visual level of the film. .

As far as the plot level is concerned, the notice first exposed the positive image of the Eight Immortals, and initially combed the intricate relationship between the eight people in the battle of the fairy demon that was unfolding around the jade. At the beginning of the notice, Zhang Guo, a monk, said that “the situation has changed” and unveiled the thrilling continuation of human transformation. Immediately, the demon arrived at the human world, and Lu Dongbin, Han Zhong, and others all fought to stop and brought out a few combat shots with great visual impact. On the other side, He Xiangu was possessed by the demon, Han Xiangzi was in a desperate situation, the blue mining and the body contained mysterious potential, and the celestial beings were surrounded by the group demon… The trailer unveiled a few mysteries while throwing many more complicated The story clues seem to be in the implication. What the “Eight Immortals” said is far from being a “winning treasure” campaign.

3D blessing visual effects award

In addition to uncovering the mystery of the plot, the first notice of “The Eight Immortals” further shows the visual effect of the film. In the nearly one-and-a-half-and-half-year notice period, character modeling, architectural streetscapes, fantasy moves, and duel scenes debut, Lu Dongbin’s battle scene with a lot of enemies, bright editing rhythm, and intense soundtrack atmosphere make the audience even more They all said that they are looking forward to the big screen effect of the film.

It is worth mentioning that “Eight Immortals” will meet the audience in 3D format. In fact, the director Cao Bo said earlier that the visual team of “Eight Immortals” has a very rich industry experience. On the basis of mastering the core technology of 3D production independently developed by Beijing Yuandao Culture, the members have introduced the top effects of Korea. The mechanism strives to bring a visual and auditory feast to the audience.

The film “Eight Immortals” was directed by Cao Bo and written by Xue Peng. The film will be released nationwide on October 20.



Source: NetEase

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