The 17th Hong Kong International Licensing Show Opens Today

Today, the 17th Hong Kong International Licensing Show opened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre(HKCEC). The exhibition attracted about 400 companies from all over the world to participate in the show, presenting more than 1,000 authorizing projects. The exhibitors’ authorization contents are divided into six categories, including cultural relics, cultural and creative design, animation games, intangible cultural heritage, copyright transactions, etc. For the first time, the show has introduced the currently popular concept of cultural tourism authorization development.

In the same period, the “Asian Licensing Conference” will be held today and tomorrow, with more than 30 of the world’s top licensing industry experts as speakers, analyzing the latest trends in the licensing industry as well as licensing opportunities in China and Asia. They will also explain how to use authorization to expand business in the areas of entertainment, new media, art & culture and lifestyle.

“China Mainland Pavilion” Became the Mainstay

Hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and organized by Shenzhen HuaCui International Culture Communication Co., Ltd., the “Chinese Mainland Pavilion” consisted of 117 exhibitors from eight provinces and one municipality. The China Mainland Pavilion has an exhibition area of ​​570 square meters, accounting for 30% of the total number of exhibitors of the Hong Kong International Licensing Exhibition. It has become the main part of this exhibition, with cultural institutions and enterprises from 10 provinces, autonomous regions and cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Anhui, Shandong, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, and Ningxia.

Exhibition Hall of the Palace Museum


New exhibitors at this show accounted for more than 60% of all exhibitors, including cultural institutions such as Azalea Grand View Garden Cultural Development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen International Copyright Exchange Center, Sichuan Provincial Library, Jinan Publishing House, etc., which improved the quality of the exhibition. There are a total of 5 enterprises with finely decorated booths, namely the Palace Museum, National Museum of China, as well as Fantawild, Winsing Animation and One Universe which represented the most advanced level of animation production in Mainland China. In addition to the exquisite cultural & creative exhibits, exhibitors also made great efforts in the design of booths, striving to present the best exhibition quality to every visitor.

It is reported that the number and quality of IPs exhibited by the “Chinese Mainland Pavilion” this year have exceeded the previous levels, which constantly attracted visitors. At this exhibition, the “Chinese Mainland Pavilion” brought authorized products such as Intangible Cultural Heritage, cultural & creative products from museums, animations, movies and so on. The new IPs includes the Palace Museum, National Museum of China, Pipiru, HelloKongzi, the Emperor, vivo, Dooro Bear, etc. The reporter saw at the scene that the Wenbo exhibition led by the Palace Museum and the National Museum attracted a group of young traditional cultural lovers to visit. The cute dolls of the animation and animation original team, such as the Anime and Pipiru mobilization, walked out of the exhibition area. Photographed with the guests and distributed gifts; Shenzhen Wenchuang Enterprise’s performance is bright, Huaqiang Fangte’s “Bear Infested” series of derivatives and big movies, Shenzhen Bolin Wenchuang uses innovative forms to promote Chinese traditional culture, hellokongzi, etc. In the non-legacy area, the representative inheritor of the national non-legacy project “Zigong Tie-dye” introduced the history, characteristics and technological process of Zigong Tie-dye to the guests, and invited guests to experience the tie-dye production process.


The cartoon image of Chinese original and popular social media – Wu Huang Wan sleeps


“China Foreign Cultural Trade Base (Shenzhen) Operating Agency Shenzhen Huahui International Culture Communication Co., Ltd., as an important institution to promote Chinese culture and speak the ‘Chinese Story’, has been committed to promoting Chinese culture to go out. As a ‘Chinese mainland pavilion’ The organisers selected by the organizers are the leaders of the authorized industries in the Mainland and the cultural and creative enterprises with good market prospects.” Wang Yuejun, the general manager of Shenzhen Newspaper Group and the chairman of Shenzhen Huahui International Culture Communication Co., told reporters that last year The IP brand “HeartPanda” of “Chengdu Tianfu Panda Culture Communication Co., Ltd.” participated in the cooperation with Hong Kong Langzhi Group through the display of the Mainland Pavilion, and is currently carrying out brand promotion and authorization activities in other countries and regions of the world.

According to the organizer, this year the Ministry of Culture once again led a number of mainland cultural and creative enterprises to participate. Zou Junping, authorized manager of Shenzhen Bolin Wenchuang Commercial Authorization Department, said that the exhibition brought the “hellokongzi China Travel Notes” theme exhibition video, “hellokongzi” said Chinese cartoons and picture books, “hellokongzi” derivatives, etc., hope to find A partner who jointly develops and invests. The person in charge of the booth of Huaqiang Fangte told the reporter that the bears released a series of cartoons covering the United States, Turkey, Russia and other countries and regions, and produced more than 8,000 minutes of TV series and movies. The bears were authorized to cover more than 20 industries, 200 Multiple brands, more than 3,000 authorized items.


Shenzhen Cultural & Creative Enterprises Booth: Fangte Anime


Mainland Enterprises Actively Expanded Overseas Markets

The authorizing exhibition is an international stage for many mainland exhibitors to seek overseas development. At present, mainland licensors or authorizing agents generally focused on the mainland market. As Asia’s intellectual property trading center and Asia’s leading licensing hub, Hong Kong is a stage for mainland companies to expand overseas markets. The country is keen to developing the cultural & creative industries as the mainstay of the economy, especially to promote more animation, art and cultural enterprises, and to expand new businesses and develop new products and services. During the exhibition, the HKTDC will encourage the Mainland, Hong Kong and overseas companies to actively cooperate through exhibitions and business matching meetings to assist the industrialization and commercialization of the Mainland’s cultural and creative industries from Hong Kong to the world. The Asian Licensing Conference (hereinafter referred to as the conference) entered the 8th session. This year, more than 30 internationally authorized industry experts were invited to discuss the latest developments in the licensing industry. It is expected to attract 1,200 participants to allow participants to capture opportunities in China and Asia. Communicate with peers to promote more cross-border and regional cooperation and expand business networks.

With the support of “Creative Hong Kong”, the DLAB “Hong Kong Pavilion”, which was first established by the Creative Entrepreneurship Association, will showcase young local brands and introduce 40 local original IP projects. The Asian Licensing Industry Association will once again bring award-winning Hong Kong newcomers. The brand embodies Hong Kong’s young creative power and helps young people’s creativity to be brought to the international stage through authorization. The old-fashioned color neon sign flashes in the exhibition area, the cartoon characters take photos with the visitors, “selling Meng”, the start-ups play artificial intelligence and other high-tech… Many exhibitors show their creativity around Hong Kong elements. Li Yanle is a toy designer who “spelled” the childhood memories of Hong Kong people into toys. At first glance, the product he designed is a rectangular iron box made up of colored magnets. But when the player twists the magnet to different positions, the cartoon characters such as the ice cream truck, the old master, and the ice room will appear in the hands of the players. “The Licensing Exhibition provides a platform for our Hong Kong original brands to communicate, which is conducive to bringing together the strength of Hong Kong and promoting Hong Kong’s local creative industries.” Li Yanle said.


Artists from the ethnic minority regions of the Mainland showcase original products at the exhibition.


The Chongqing delegation that participated in the exhibition for the first time exhibited a lot of intangible cultural heritage projects, woodblock New Year pictures, Rongchang Xiabu, Liangping Bamboo Curtains… All the visitors were all based on the exhibition. As the inheritor of the first batch of woodcut New Year pictures of the national “non-legacy” project, Xu Jiahui hopes to promote the transformation of goods to industry by licensing exhibitions and promoting woodblock New Year pictures. “The current production mode of our woodcut New Year paintings is a family workshop. The hand-made Chinese New Year paintings are exquisite but the products are single and the production cost is high. We hope to show our products and attract investors to make our products into a cultural industry.” Xu Jiahui said. Xue Zhu, executive deputy director of the Propaganda Department of Chongqing Municipal Committee, said that Chongqing has rich cultural heritage and diverse cultural elements. “Chongqing can use Hong Kong’s international status and professional services to seek brand cooperation for our cultural elements and to create our Bayu culture. Cultural industry chain.” Xue Zhu said.

Backed by the mainland and facing the world, Hong Kong is the entry point for overseas companies to open up the Chinese market. The world’s leading licensors and agents for this year’s show include BBC, Premier League Chelsea Football Club, US-born Hasbro toy HASBRO, Sanrio, Global Baby Music Collection The Wiggles, Warner Bros., American Business 20th Century The film company, etc.; international-level authorized brands and speakers include the famous picture book writer Jimmy, Australian wall painter Mulga. In addition, there are famous museums from around the world such as Van Gogh Museum, Leonardo3 Museum and International Art Museum of America. Malaysian animator Fade participated in the licensing exhibition for the first time, and he hopes to win the favor of Chinese partners at the licensing exhibition. France and Germany are well-known in Malaysia, and many local companies produce cartoons on clothing, toys and other products. France and Germany said that his goal is to establish a foothold in Hong Kong and export to the mainland. “The mainland market is vast and has great potential. I hope that by participating in the licensing exhibition, we can attract more investors from the Mainland and push our products to the Mainland,” said Fader.


Booth of Nickelodeon


Authorized Contents and Models

E-sports is developing rapidly, and the global e-sports market is expected to reach $1.5 billion in 2020. On the first day of the conference, we will discuss the licensing opportunities of e-sports industry in recent years. Speakers include Zhang Rui, deputy general manager of Ali Sports Electronics Division, Wu Jiaqi, director of Commodity League Commodity League of Riot Games China, and ESL Gaming Asia Pacific business development and cooperation. Partnership Eric Jou.

With the rapid spread of the Internet and the rapid growth of digital information, activities such as books, paintings, videos, games and mobile applications have emerged, and the creative content generated can be developed into alternative emerging IP. On the second day of the conference, we will explore the huge licensing opportunities hidden in the creative content. The speakers include Jiang Xuheng, General Manager of Iqiyi IP Value-added Business Unit, Li Yushan, General Manager of Moze International Co., Ltd. (brand “Ji Mi”), and Penguin Random House UK Susan Bolsover, Director of Consumer Products.

The rapid development of online shopping poses a threat to the business of shops and shopping malls. Global trade barriers also increase the production costs of manufacturers. Cross-border authorization has gradually gained much attention. The conference’s “Direct-To-Retail” and “Dialogue with Licensee” will analyze emerging retail cooperation and non-traditional licensing operations. Chen Xinbo, general manager of Jingdong Mall Jingji Circle, Zhang Wei, director of marketing strategy for Haier COSMO mass customization platform, Zhang Xiaoxin, director of marketing department of Casa Tianjiao Group Co., Ltd., and Chen Kaixian, founder of women’s clothing brand “Ashanna AZONA”, will share their innovative thinking and success experience.


Taiwan Animation Museum


Hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the Hong Kong International Licensing Show has been the longest, largest and most representative authorized exhibition in Asia since its inception in 2003. It is also the best one-stop authorized trading platform in Asia. The Hong Kong International Licensing Show will be held until the 9th and is expected to attract more than 21,000 authorized traders from more than 100 countries and regions.

As an important port of world trade, Hong Kong is also a must for the “Maritime Silk Road” in the “Belt and Road”. Under the initiative of “One Belt, One Road”, Hong Kong International Licensing Exhibition will continue to play an important role, radiating to the Indian Ocean and extending to countries such as Europe; introducing the best brands to China and bringing China’s best brands to the world. In 2019, the licensing industry will continue to be brave and forward.




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