2023 Shanghai International Cross-border E-commerce Industry Belt Expo

With the rapid development of global e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce has become a new trend in global trade. Various cross-border e-commerce expos have emerged, providing a new and efficient platform for exhibitors and buyers to engage in commercial exchanges.

The Shanghai International Cross-border E-commerce Expo, since its establishment, has always adhered to the principles of professionalism and trade-oriented approach. It aims to serve exhibitors, industries, and markets by focusing on organizing professional audiences, disseminating industry policies and information, and facilitating substantial trade and cooperation. The expo has achieved rapid development and remarkable results, receiving unanimous praise from exhibitors, visitors, and industry professionals.

The Shanghai International Cross-border E-commerce Expo also invites major universities, research institutions, industry associations, news media, and investment trade organizations to visit and procure the activity . It is dedicated to providing enterprises with an international exhibition that integrates trade cooperation, showcase transactions, publicity and promotion, technical exchanges, high-end seminars, and product displays.

The Shanghai International Cross-border E-commerce Expo adopts an open “exhibition + conference” model, integrating “online + offline” resources to introduce diverse business formats and promote communication and cooperation among industries.

The orgaizors of the exhibition provide attentive services for participating companies. The exhibition is expected to cover an area of 50,000 square meters, with over 1,000 exhibitors and an estimated attendance of over 350,000 visitors. There will be more than 50 keynote speeches and over a thousand press releases.

The Shanghai International Cross-border E-commerce Expo is not only a platform to showcase new technologies and products but also an important opportunity to promote cooperation and exchange between domestic and international enterprises. We look forward to the active participation of companies, experts, and scholars from all over the world to jointly promote industry development and progress.

With the advancement of technology, future cross-border e-commerce expos will place a greater emphasis on digitization and automation. Exhibitors will be able to enhance their showcasing effectiveness and engage with buyers more efficiently through digital tools. As a crucial platform connecting global e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce expos will continue to play a significant role in the future.

In the face of current challenges and opportunities, exhibitors will need to continuously innovate and actively adapt to changes in order to achieve sustainable business growth. The evolving digital landscape provides immense potential for exhibitors to leverage new technologies and strategies to expand their reach and stay ahead in the competitive cross-border e-commerce industry.


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